Why is My Cat Drinking so Much Water?

this cat loves drinking from the tap

Why is my cat drinking so much water?

Well, that’s a good question, isn’t it? When the weather starts to warm up, any person may feel the need to guzzle more water. The same is true of animals. Hotter temperatures naturally make them want to hydrate more and thus you may notice an increase in their water intake.

However, cats are also quite good at hiding signs of illness. Often, subtle behavior changes are indicators of disease. That means your cat drinking so much water could be a sign that she’s suffering from a serious illness.

So what is it then? Is your cat drinking so much water because it’s hot and she’s thirsty, or should you worry about a more serious underlying condition?

Water Consumption and Your Cat

The answer really, is better given by first identifying just how much your cat is supposed to drink.

On average, cats should drink around 60 ml/kg per day of water. So a cat weighing 5kg should be drinking around 300mls a day for their body to function properly. That’s a little over a cup.

Of course, that’s a pretty simplistic answer, too. Because the volume of water a cat drinks can vary depending on her diet, too. For example, wet and canned cat foods usually have 80% water.

In comparison, the dry kind only has about 10%. That means if your cat is eating nothing but canned cat food, her water intake can just be around 30 ml or so per day. If she eats dry food, however, she must lap up at least 240ml of water daily.

If you’re not sure how much water is good for your feline pal, then go and see a vet and get his advice.

When You Should Worry

Now that you have an idea how much water is good for kitty, it’s time to check for the signs and determine is she is in fact, drinking so much more water than usual.

What you need to watch out for are the following behavior changes:

• repeated trips to the water bowl
• drinking from unusual places

Cats normally drink from fish ponds or showers and other places. So that might not necessarily be a sign of trouble. But if she goes out of her way to find water sources, then pay closer attention.

Other signs of possible illness include:

• more frequent urination
• change in appetite
• sleeping more than normal
• sleeping in unusual places
• change in demeanor
• vomiting
• diarrhea

Should You Call the Vet?

When is it time to call the veterinarian about your cat drinking too much?

Well, anytime you feel that she’s drinking so much water or are unsure is as good a time as any to call the vet. The sooner he can rule out disease, the better for you and your cat.

The vet will likely recommend some tests to determine why the cat is drinking so much. That could mean getting blood and urine samples to assess the kidney and liver enzymes as well as to check glucose levels.

why is my cat drinking so much water

A thirsty cat can have any of the following diseases, so be prepared:

• chronic kidney disease
• diabetes mellitus
• hyperthyroidism
• urinary tract disease

All of these diseases can be serious. But early detection and treatment means the outcome can also be better.

So if you notice your cat drinking so much water than usual, err on the side of caution. Call the vet.

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