Why is Catnip Good for Cats?

You know, I’ve always wondered about this question. I’ve been giving catnip to my cats for a pretty long while, though not on a regular basis. And so one day, I decided to do some research on this subject because I really wanted to find out the benefits of catnip for cats, other than the obvious, which is the fact that it could make most cats go hyper-bonkers (and that may or may not be a good thing depending on your point of view).

Anyway, after a bit of research, I discovered that apart from making a cat hyperactive, the catnip is capable of jacking up the confidence of a fearful or shy cat. I put this info to the test recently and I was pretty happy with the result. You see, recently I rescued a very shy cat, about 7 months old according to the vet. He was extremely timid initially, due to the new environment, plus other cats in the house were sniffing and staring at him in a weird way.

So, I gave that cat some catnip and you know what, it didn’t take long for him to strip away his shyness and get comfortable with the other cats. So that’s one terrific benefit of catnip. Another benefit is to offer it to a lazy, indoor cat. If you have that sort of cat, then try giving it some catnip. Chances are, it may motivate the lazy cat to start moving its ass! From my experience it works to a degree. Some lazy cats respond well to the catnip, some just don’t give a hoot at all.

Now keep in mind that senior cats usually do not respond to catnip. Perhaps due their old age, they just do not find the catnip interesting, or they simply never cared about it in the first place. Also don’t bother offering catnip to kittens under 4 months old. They probably won’t react to it. Wait until the kitten is about 4 – 5 months old before introducing it to the catnip.

Yet another benefit of catnip is that it could actually help save your furniture from being scratched! You know how naughty some cats can be with their scratching habit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent a good deal of dough on a solid scratching post. Once they have their eye on particular piece of furniture, they’ll go right ahead and scratch it like crazy while completely ignoring the scratching post.

Now, the good news is you may be able to prevent such misfortune by applying some catnip on the scratching post. The catnip might help to motivate them to relieve their scratching urges on the post instead of on your thousand-dollar couch.

For this very purpose, I recommend you use a catnip spray like you see down here.

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Obviously, it’s not quite practical to rub dry catnip on the scratching post, so use the above spray and the problem is solved! This catnip spray is made from essential oil extracted from very high-quality catnip buds and mixed with distilled water. It’s very powerful stuff. Spray some on the scratching post and that should divert your cat’s attention from damaging your precious furniture.

Other uses of Catnip

See, catnip is scientifically known as Nepeta Caria and it’s basically a plant in the mint family. That is why the catnip is sometimes referred to as “catmint”. Now according to my research, the catnip can actually be consumed by humans and some folks actually enjoy adding some catnip in a cup of hot tea, thus effectively turning it into a cup of mint tea! You know, I was tempted to make a cup of catnip tea, but then I decided to pass it up. I’ll stick to regular mint leaves, thank you very much!

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