Why Does My Cat Throw Up After Eating Dry Food?

Many cat owners have observed this happening at one time or another and can’t help but ask, “Why does my cat throw up after eating dry food?” After all, the cat is eating dry cat food. It’s not like its being forced to eat something that’s not specifically formulated for her. So why the vomit session?

why does my cat throw up after eating dry food

Many cats, unfortunately, are known to disgorge dry food that they’ve consumed. It may sound like a strange occurrence, but the behavior is more common than many pet owners think. There are also a lot of reasons why it happens.

Before pinpointing the exact reason for it, though, it’s important to watch your cat’s actions before and after throwing up. That will help narrow down the reasons why he vomits.

1. Regurgitation

Does your cat look uncomfortable after eating the dry food?

Cats that have a strict dry food diet often throw up after eating because once the dry food mixes with the rest of their stomachs’ contents, it expands. This expanding feeling isn’t very comfortable and they throw up to ease their discomfort.

2. Eating Too Quickly

Is your cat eating his food like it’s going to disappear in the next few seconds?

If your cat is eating too fast, it’s highly likely that he isn’t munching on his kibbles properly. And large chunks of food go down unchewed or partially chewed, there is a very big chance that he will throw it back up.

3. Hairballs

Cats, as you may have already noticed, give themselves baths by licking themselves. This action, unfortunately, makes loose hair stick to their tongues and eventually get swallowed. When there’s too much hair present in the cat’s tummy from all the grooming sessions, it can trigger the cat to throw up his food just to get rid of the gross hairball, too.

4. Stress

Has there been a change in your cat’s diet? Was there any change to his home environment? Any of these can cause stress for the feline. A stressed cat may feel ill after eating and thus, throw up his food.

5. Allergies and/or Illness

It could be the presence of an ingredient in his dry cat food that he happens to be allergic to. That could explain the vomiting. However, it’s also possible that your cat has a parasitic infestation, diabetes, or even ulcers in the tummy.

6. Cat Food Ingredients

Sometimes, cats develop allergies to their food. Dyes in cat food, for one, don’t always agree with them. Cats also do not need things like grains in their diets, being obligate carnivores. But many dry cat foods have grains as fillers.

So how do you fix this cat vomiting issue?

For cats that eat too fast and regurgitate, use warm water to wet the kibbles just a little bit. This approach might help. You can also try feeding him his favorite dry food in smaller portions each meal. Some cat owners have found success in treating hairballs using petroleum jelly. Just add a small amount in his diet or specially-formulated dry food.

Stress, unfortunately, can only be addressed by limiting exposure or taking the stressor out altogether. And finally, if your cat is ill, then go and pay the veterinarian a visit.

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