Why Does My Cat Eat Grass?

If you have a cat, you have already probably seen him nibbling on grass. Or if you keep him strictly indoors, chomping on your household plant. Sometimes, he’ll even throw up immediately afterwards. You probably think it’s strange, too. After all, cats are supposed to be obligate carnivores. That means that unlike dogs, cats need meat to survive. And they don’t get any nutrition out of plants at all.

why does my cat eat grass

So if you’re left scratching your head and asking, “Why does my cat eat grass?” here is the answer.

First off, it’s probably the best time to tell you not to worry. Experts agree that eating grass isn’t really harmful to your cat, vomit sessions notwithstanding. In fact, they are in agreement that it may even have some benefits to the cat.

Why does your cat eat grass only to regurgitate it right back? That’s because cats don’t have the needed enzymes to break down the plant matter. He probably doesn’t enjoy throwing up, but it’s the only way to be rid of all the indigestible matter he just deposited in his digestive tract. In other words, he won’t feel better until all of those are out so he vomits.

However, grass does contain something that could be good for your kitty. That’s folic acid. Yep, the same stuff on mother’s milk can be found in grass juice. Folic acid, of course, is an essential vitamin that helps in certain feline bodily functions like the production of hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin is needed to move oxygen in the blood. So your cat eating grass is almost like you guzzling down that horrible wheat grass juice. There are benefits to you both, even if it doesn’t always taste good. Some may even tell you that cats eat grass to relieve their sore throat.

Finally, grass also has the tendency to act as a natural laxative. It can help counteract cases of indigestion. Put it this way. You cat will likely be throwing up disgusting fur balls all over the house. This is good because a ball of fur stuck in his stomach can cause a lot of other problems.

Now say the unfortunate does happen and the hairball moves deeper and farther in the digestive tract. Your cat will need help to flush that thing out in his stool. Cats seem to instinctively know that eating grass helps in cleansing his digestive system. It helps break the hair ball down so he can pass it put without needing to visit the vet.

grass may provide some benefits to the cat

Those are the reasons why your cat eats grass. Over-all, it’s not really a bad thing to ingest plant matter every now and then. Just take the appropriate precautions. If you have indoor plants and you know your cat likes to snack on it sometimes, then you better make sure it’s of the non-toxic variety. Better yet, just get a small tray of grass just for kitty. This is a good alternative to having your cat go outside and possibly eating outside grass that may have been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals.

Your cat eats grass? Don’t panic. It’s not so bad.

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