What is The Best Automatic Programmable Cat Feeder?

There are plenty of automatic programmable cat feeders on the market in varying shapes, sizes, and of course prices too. You know, I learned the hard way that when it comes to buying a feeding machine for cat, it’s best to fork out a decent amount of cash so you can obtain the crème de la crème.

See, buying an automatic cat feeding machine is not like buying say, a portable air compressor for car tires. In the latter’s case you’d only need about 50 bucks to get a decent quality mini compressor that will work well on most car tires.

However, try spending that amount on a programmable cat feeder and you’re just going to end up frustrated. Many cheap feeders out there have plenty of issues. I’m talking about issues like iffy automatic timers, lousy construction that makes it easy for my cats to steal kibbles from the machine anytime thus effectively fattening themselves up, and many more.

So if you looking for a machine that’s fully programmable and works great, then I suggest you take a closer look at the following unit…

Super-Feed’s CSF-3XL Automatic Feeding Machine for Cats

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Alright so the auto feeder unit you see up there looks a little funky and all, but it’s actually a very practical product and quite easy to use. Initially I had quite a difficult time figuring out how to configure the machine to spit out the amount of food I wanted.

You see, in order to control the quantity of food released to your cat, you’ll have to fiddle around with the automatic feeder’s opening size as well as the length of time you want it to remain open. Plus, you can pretty much set the size of food to just about any size you desire.

As I said, at first making the appropriate adjustments was something of a pain in the ass for me. However, get them done just once and you never have to worry about the settings anymore.

Of course there are instructions included to help you out plus video tutorials which can be accessed online, but I’m afraid a little trial-and-error is still required to get the settings that match your preference.

Now, this programmable feeding machine allows you to program multiple meals a day. The maximum feedings allowed is 48 per day. I typically set the unit to provide my cats a total of 3 feedings per day. If I notice my cats have become a little on the heavy side, I’d either reduce the number of feedings to 2 or just keep it at 3 but with decreased amount of food.

The ability to customize is one of the reasons that make this machine so friggin awesome! And more importantly, the settings do work as expected.

So if you want the machine to put out say, 7 feedings a day, that’s what it’ll do. If you want it to dispense this much food, or that much food at this particular hour, then simply adjust the settings accordingly and the machine will do the rest. Pretty awesome huh?

I’ve bought other much inferior programmable cat feeders before and on paper, they offer similar customizable features but didn’t work as well.

Many times those units made inaccurate food dispensation; food wasn’t released according to time set (some were way off by almost half an hour due to the problems with the machines’ motors), etc.

With the Super-Feed’s CSF-3XL machine, the customizable features appear to be fine and dandy. So far they work like I expected them to. For tip-top performance, I suggest cleaning it once every 6 months.

You know, the machine’s capacity is pretty massive. It’s able to hold up to 1.8 gallons of food which is equivalent to approximately 24 cups of kibbles. The machine itself is pretty heavy, weighing around 10 pounds or so. It certainly ain’t easy for cats to topple the thing.

However, if you have a huge cat or a really wild one that likes to bump into stuff, then you might want to mount the machine to something solid you know like a wall or the base of a cat tree.

You can get it mounted in so many different ways. I just use the standard mount platform which is included in the box and so far so good. The platform is pretty solid and able to hold the feeder real good. My cats couldn’t knock it over that’s for sure.

Well, that’s it then. If you have the cash to spare, then you should definitely go ahead and pick this superb automatic programmable cat feeder. The thing works great, has all the automatic functions you could ask for which means your cat will stop bugging you for food, plus construction that’s made to last a long time.

I ‘m telling you, this machine has a very rugged build with metal plus some real heavy-duty plastic parts. I’ll just put a link right below here so you can get a much more in-depth look at this particular auto feeding machine. Plenty of user reviews are displayed there so be sure to check them out as well.

Click Here for CSF-3XL Automatic cat Feeding Machine

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