There are many types of cat food. Just go into any supermarket and you’d likely run across a huge variety of available cat food brands. There’s Purina, Friskies, Whiskas and Tender Vittles, among many others.

Many of these brands, however, use leftover animal parts to create their cat food mixture. That’s basically a mish-mash of stuff like chicken beaks and feet, cow eyeballs and intestines. Some would tell you that there is a chance that rats, roadkill animals and animals euthanized in shelters are part of that slop.

types of cat food

Fortunately, though, there are other cat foods available. And they are better and made with higher-quality meat than those previously mentioned. (They’re of such good quality pet owners would attest that they’re even fit for human consumption. Not that you should try it, of course.)

Quality cat food can be a bit expensive, however. On average, they cost at least a couple of dollars more than the supermarket brands. But is $2 really too much to pay if you’re ensuring your cat stays healthy? The better cat food can also add a few more years to your cat’s life.

The extra $2 won’t even sound like it’s too much if you look at the long-term benefits. Better cat food naturally equates to a healthier cat. A healthy cat saves you a lot of money on veterinary bills. So you’re actually saving money by getting the more expensive cat food on the aisle.

There are plenty of high-quality cat food brands around. Here are some of them:

•California Natural
•Eagle Pack
•Max Cat
•Natural Balance
•Newman’s Own
•Solid Gold

There are also two other types of cat food category: wet and dry.

Wet cat food usually comes in cans and has higher quantities of meat-based proteins. It also has more fat and moisture than dry food. Each can of wet cat food typically has about 90% water. So a cat that’s on a strictly wet food diet needs to consume less water than one on a dry food diet only.

Dry cat food, as the name implies, has less water in its makeup. Usually, the water content will only be around 10%. That means a cat will need to have his water bowl filled at all times as his thirst will not be quenched by food alone. Dry cat food does have an advantage over the wet kind, though. Although not guaranteed to work on all cats, it can help scrape plaque off of your cat’s teeth.

One downside to dry cat food, however, is they’re almost always packed with carbohydrate “fillers” in the way of corns and grains. Cats being obstinate carnivores, they will find it hard to digest grains, if they can even do it at all.

So as you can see, a diet consisting of both wet and dry cat food may be a good idea, if not strictly necessary. You may also want to consider giving your cat a variety of cat foods. If you can get bored eating the same stuff every day, you can bet that your cat does, too. So even a different flavor of his usual brand of cat food can help in giving him variety.

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