Spill Proof Raised Cat Feeding Bowls

The biggest pain in the butt when it comes to having a super hyperactive eating cat around the house is the clean up that follows up after feeding them. You know what I’m talking about right? Cat kibbles strewn all over the place and then you find water spilled all over the floor. MAJOR PAIN I tell you!

The solution to this problem is simple. We hyperactive eating cat owners should look for raised cat feeding bowls to minimize food and water spillage. You see, there are plenty of raised cat bowls being sold out there but I suggest taking it to another level.

What I mean by taking it to another level is to get a bowl that has these solid little walls along with a small reservoir located at the bottom to drain spilled water and tiny bits of food effectively. Here’s what I mean…

Neater Feeder Spill Proof Cat Bowl System


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This is a handy and very practical feeding bowl system for cats of all sizes. Okay not quite “all” mind you. To be honest, this spill proof cat bowl system is not really suitable for little kittens. The placement of the bowls might be a little on the high side for the little kitties.

But bigger kittens as well as adult cats wouldn’t have any problems with the raised bowls. The pleasing thing about this system is obviously the barrier surrounding the bowls. The barrier helps prevent kibbles and water from messing up your floor.

Still it won’t completely prevent food contents from spilling on the floor. From my experience using this bowl system, you’re bound to find a few pieces of kibbles lying on the floor. Just not as many as before that’s for sure.

The wall thing certainly works well. Height of the wall is roughly about 4 inches I think, so no surprise there! That kind of height should be more than enough to keep food spillage to an absolute minimum. And that means no more cleaning up like a whole bunch of kibbles on the floor, yay!

Actually because of the product’s nifty design, many kibbles that go flying out due to the cat’s active eating habit would often drop onto the grate filter which is set in a small space in front of the bowls.

See, the feeding system has a total of two bowls so you can either fill one bowl with food and the other one with water, or simply fill both bowls with food if you wish to have two cats eating from the same system.

The system essentially consists of two reservoirs; upper and lower reservoir. The grate filter that I mentioned earlier is on the upper reservoir. If you cat spills food, the bits and pieces will drop onto the grate and then fall right into the lower reservoir. Same goes with the spilled water.

After you cat has finished its meal, it’s recommended that you take out the upper reservoir and clean all the stuff that fell in the lower reservoir. It’s vital that you clean both reservoirs, especially the lower one at least once a day to avoid nasty odor as well as bacteria from congregating in there.

Now here’s the best part…Some of the kibbles that dropped on the filter grate – the ones that your cat didn’t chew can be reused for later meals. That’s obviously a very awesome thing. You know, to be able to reuse spilled kibbles as oppose to sweeping them off the floor and then dumping them in the trash can. No more wasting food!

Overall build is pretty good and the two bowls included with the system are made of stainless steel. Basically, this spill proof cat bowl system is made to last.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using This Raised Cat Feeding Bowls System?

Not many fortunately. I said earlier that the two raised cat bowls might not suit little kitties. So that’s one flaw. Another problem is the included stainless steel bowls aren’t as deep as I wanted them to be.

Oh and cleaning the system can be just a teeny bit tedious due to the two reservoirs. You have to clean both parts separately. Major bore…So little nitpicks aside; the system is pretty much worth the money. I’d give it an A - score.

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