Soft Cat Food for Older Cats

A cat’s health benefits the most from a wet diet, so canned foods are the best way to acquire quality nourishment, especially for older cats. However, older felines cannot just be fed with any type of canned cat foods. They need a formula that provides sufficient vitality support, a healthy dose of essential nutrients, along with ingredients that are easy on their sensitive teeth and gums. In other words, they should be fed only the best soft cat food for older cats.

There’s good news for all aging cats out there. It comes in the form of Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Instinctive wet cat food.


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This formula is perfect for cats that are between seven to twelve years of age. Lots of healthy ingredients are included in this formula plus thin slices of gravy, which offer vitality support nutrients and they are easy on the gums and teeth of older cats. The three ounces per can food contains reduced phosphorous levels, which is vital in maintaining an aging feline’s kidney health.

soft cat food for older cats

Royal Canin is a well-known brand in the cat food industry, and it is one of the few manufacturers that produce foods that cater to the specific needs of older felines. There are a handful of brands out there that claim to manufacture the ideal foods for senior cats, but if you check out their labels thoroughly, you’d notice that there isn’t any specific info as to why those are the products your aging cat should be fed.

You’d notice that the packaging of their products have pictures of older cats on them; the packaging probably have the right phrases and stuff which might lead you off from reading the fine print. Those aren’t necessarily the best soft cat food for older cats.

Fact of the matter is simple labelling and slapping on the appropriate graphics/pictures are sufficient for tricking pet owners into purchasing foods that are supposedly made for senior cats. This could potentially be dangerous to your aging pet, which may already be in a frail state of health.

Soft Cat Food for Older Cats Aged Seven Years & Above

Cats that are aged seven years and above need much more attention when it comes to diet and nutrition. No longer can you feed them any type of food without evaluating the nutrient richness and vitality support that older cat requires. Everything that the aging feline needs can be found in this wet cat food formula.

Some of the unfortunate symptoms of aging for cats include weight loss, decreased appetite, tiredness, loss of fur as well as reduced quality of fur (their fur becomes rough or brittle). These symptoms are inevitable for older felines, but the impact can be minimized if the cats are fed the appropriate wet foods such Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Instinctive.

There have been many accounts of senior cats being in a poor state of health, but their condition improved dramatically after being fed the Feline Health Nutrition Instinctive formula regularly. From cancer-riddled felines to cats that could barely eat, this soft cat food for older cats prolonged the lives of many, giving new meaning to both the cats and their owners.

Some gained their energy back and experienced improved mobility, some regained their appetite, and others experienced fur regrowth. What those cats all have in common is that their health improved after being introduced to this brand of soft cat food for older cats.

One downside of this food is that it is rather expensive, but as a loving and caring pet owner, you do what you must to protect your cat. As cats get older, their metabolism starts to slow down, just like us humans. Thus, they need to be on a diet that keeps them from putting on too much weight. Feeding your cat this formula is a good way to keep his weight in check.

To learn more about Royal Canine Feline Health Nutrition Instinctive wet cat food, plus read over a dozen reviews of it, please go ahead and use the link below.

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