Engage the Art of Foraging Food with the Slow Feed Cat Bowl  

If you have ever adopted feral cats, you would’ve noticed that they tend to devour their food as if they want to stock up. It’s like they have a mentality of not being sure when their next meal is and the best strategy is to eat all they can as fast as they can. There are also domestic cats that wolf down their food like there’s no tomorrow. And some cases, there are cats that just really love to eat.

When cats eat a lot of food quickly, it can result to poor digestion and reflux. They have a tendency to vomit all that they have eaten or they become overweight. Other than health concerns, it would really bother you if your living room or kitchen reeks of cat spew. And the effort required to clean it all up is simply enormous, particularly if it happens all the time.

You can prevent this greedy kitty behavior, and keep your place clean and fresh, by giving out small portions of food. However, it will be a bit challenging if you do not have the time to monitor your cat’s feeding, especially if you will be out of the house for a long period of time.

Besides, if the cat gobbles up the food very quickly, it might also throw up after eating. The best solution is to use a slow feeder because slow eating will make her feel satiated. Approved and recommended by veterinarians, Aïkiou’s slow feed cat bowl is made of tubes with 4.5 cm diameter in which portions of cat food is placed or hidden.

slow feed cat bowl

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The tubes are held in place by a non-slid rubber bottom. The device then becomes an interactive food center because the cat needs to put her paws inside the tube to get her food out. Unlike a bowl in which she can just put her head in and munch, the tubes make her forage for her meal. It becomes a bowl of fun because she would spend time seeking for her food. This prevents her from eating too much too fast and allows her to develop her strategic skills.

One of the reasons cats eat too much may be because all the food is right before them. It is animal nature to hunt for food, and this slow feeder will satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to play and hunt. Making her work for their food will do wonders for your cat, as it will significantly improve her eating habits and overall behavior. You can make the search fun by not putting food in all the tubes or putting different amounts of food in every tube.

One big advantage is that slow feeding and drinking naturally slows down digestion, thus promoting weight control. You can also use this if your overweight cat needs to undergo a diet. Additionally, it prevents gorging and good digestion is equivalent to minimal or no spews and a cleaner house. This uniquely designed slow feed cat bowl is easy to assemble and disassemble. Its uncomplicated design makes it very effortless to clean even in the dishwasher. The stainless steel construction prevents decay and bacteria growth.

The Bowl’s Disadvantage

The downside of putting cat food in the tubes is that feeding becomes a little messy. Foraging has never been a clean job. The cat will have a great time getting the food out but will scatter crumbs and morsels on the floor. That means fun for the pet but no fun for you.

Even if the entire bowl doesn’t tip over, there is a possibility of food and water messing up your floor. However, if you care more about your cat’s health more than you care about dirty floors, then it won’t really be a problem for you to clean up after feeding. It’s a good product all in all. I’d strongly recommend that you read what other cat owners have to say about this slow feed cat bowl and you can do that by following the link below.


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