Raindrop Stainless Steel Cat Drinking Fountain

Thinking of buying a cat fountain made of stainless steel? Well, it’s a good thing that you plan on buying a stainless steel one over plastic because you know how it is with the latter…

It has several, rather nasty drawbacks such as making our cats prone to acne, it’s difficult to clean, and after a while the plastic material develops gooey, icky build-up…Yuck!

So, stainless steel cat drinking fountain is the way to go, and the following model comes highly recommended.

Raindrop Stainless Steel Fountain


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Okay, the cat fountain you see on this page comes highly recommended for several reasons. First up is the construction which is light yet very sturdy. The fountain is cleverly design with absolutely zero corners so you can easily get it scrubbed clean.

The lack of corners is a huge bonus in my opinion because it prevents dirty stuff from getting stuck. Dirt and whatnot can easily get trapped in corners and scrubbing them off can be a pain in the backside. This Raindrop cat water fountain is curvy and very sleek looking all around.

 Now, if you decide to purchase this unit, be sure to give your cats a little time to adapt to it. I’m pretty sure the first time you set it up in your home, your cats would stay away from it.

The cats might think that the fountain is some kind of long-lost intergalactic weapon, so initially, expect them to make those typical weird cat stares and scaredy cat behavior.

In fact, my cats started drinking from the fountain like maybe 4 or 5 days after I set it up. It wasn’t smooth sailing in the beginning and that’s normal, so don’t worry about it. Now I noticed my cats seem to enjoy the water a lot more and I reckon it’s due to the stainless steel construction which helps to keep the water cooler.

Alright the next terrific thing about this fountain is the cleaning part. Let me tell you, cleaning this thing is an absolute cinch! Why? Well, that’s because the components are a cinch to pull apart and also easy to put back together.

When you feel it’s time to get the fountain cleaned up, simply dissemble the whole thing into three parts. Yeah, you heard that right…Just three measly parts!

Unlike some other stainless steel cat drinking fountains out there, which require you to pull them apart into like a dozen or so components. Oh man… that would really kill your backside.

VVAnyway, the three parts consist of the base of the unit, the top cover, and the pump. Cleaning the first two parts is a piece of cake. Just dump them in a dishwasher and they’re golden.

Next you gotta clean the pump which is made of plastic by the way, and this one has to be done by hand. Believe me; the cleaning process goes away very quickly. I usually clean it like maybe once or twice a week.

Once you got the parts all nice and clean, then you assemble them by placing each one on top of the other. Told you it was simple. However, such simplicity has its fault and I’m gonna mention that in a little while.

Okay, cleaning the thing is easy enough, but what about replacing the filters? Is the process just as easy? Believe it or not, certain cat fountain models can be a serious pain when it comes to switching the filters. Thank fully, it’s a pure breeze to replace this fountain’s filter cartridge. The thing pops in and out without trouble.

When it comes to replacement frequency, the manufacturer recommends it done every couple of weeks. I usually have the filter replaced every two to three weeks. Another positive point has to be given to the fountain’s pump which runs relatively quietly.

Sure, it hums a little, nothing more. The sound is definitely not annoying, in fact, it’s barely noticeable. However, keep in mind that if you don’t fill in the water regularly, the pump will produce a highly irritating noise.

Yes, that noise sure is annoying to me, so you want to avoid that by making sure that the water level is consistently at the top. Maintaining a high level of water is also good for the pump’s lifespan. You know, the pump’s setting can be adjusted in case water splashes out of the fountain.

From my experience, this cat water fountain doesn’t splash out, but if that happens, what you should do is adjust the level of bubble via the switch located next to the pump. You can adjust the level to low, medium, or high.

If the pump starts losing steam, a clean-up is in order. Very, very important that you keep the pump cleaned regularly. When I change the filter, I clean the pump as well. The pump loses its juice if there’s too much hair and whatnot clogging it.

Okay that’s it. I’m done talking about the sweet stuff. The Raindrop stainless steel cat drinking fountain works great overall. The unit is very easy to clean, simple to assemble and dissemble, terrific stainless steel build, terrific design, keeps the water cool, low noise, and my cats enjoy drinking from it, of course after a few days of acclimatization period.

Now, for the bitter stuff…

The fountain would’ve been utterly fantastic if the capacity had been a bit bigger. It has a 60 oz capacity and that’s not generous enough for me (and my cats). You gotta remove the power cord when it’s time to clean the unit, but the removing part is not as simple as it should be. Furthermore, the power cord is a little on the short side.

Another issue is some cats like to fiddle with the fountain. So if your cat happens to fiddle with the fountain’s top cover and it moves to a certain spot/angle, the unit might start making a fairly annoying sound. This means you’d have to constantly adjust the top cover… that is if you really can’t stand the sound.

All things considered, I would say this fountain is totally worth the money. You know what, at the time of post, this fountain is available at 45% off the retail price. If you want to find out if the offer still remains, just use the following link.

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