Try a Pet Food Container with Scoop

You’ve probably noticed a lot of pet food containers in the market already. Some claim to be the best, and some claim that they have features that others don’t have.

But sometimes, what you forget to look for is the fact that you need some of the simplest features, such as food bowls, lids that lock well, and scoops. After all, you’re using those food containers to store your furry friend’s food, so it’s just right that you try to find ways to make feeding time easier and more comfortable for you both.

And that’s why you should consider forking out the cash for a pet food container with scoop, such as Simplehuman 40-Liter pet food storage can.

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What is it?

The Simplehuman 40-Liter Pet Food can is a stainless steel food container that contains a food bucket and a scoop that’s mounted on the lid. It is the best pet food container with scoop out there as it’ll make it easy for you to feed your pet because you won’t have to use a bowl just to get food, or even use spoons or ladles that won’t give you the right amount of food to give your pet.

Plus, the scoop also unhinges from the lid when food level is low, so you’d know right away that you have to run to the pet store to buy some food for your pet.

Is it worth the money?

Aside from the fact that this is a pet food container with scoop, the Simplehuman 40-Liter pet food can also has a lot of great features, such as:

Sleek Design

Unlike other kinds of pet food containers, this one is something that you can display and let other people see instead of just keeping it in the pantry or inside those kitchen cabinets. Made from stainless steel, it could resemble other appliances and people won’t know right away that it’s just a container.


Did you know that you can get cancer and asthma from plastic containers and canned goods? Well, it is because they can be infested with BPA, or Bisphenol A, a synthetic compound that has lethal effects on the brain’s neurological processes, especially to those who are pregnant or lactating. It can also cause thyroid dysfunctions, heart diseases, asthma, and cancer, amongst others, and can cause animals to be sick, too.

Well, the good news is that this pet food container doesn’t have BPA and has been approved by the FDA so you can definitely keep your pet’s kibble here without worrying that he’ll get sick, or that you’ll get sick because you got your hands on the said container. The food bowl and scoop that comes with it are also BPA-free, as well.

It seals well

The problem with other containers is that sure, you can keep them covered, but you can’t be sure that the lid has been shut tight, and that the contents will stay fresh inside. And really, if you want to keep those contents fresh, you have to keep in mind that it’s essential to keep the lid shut, and with Simplehuman 40-Liter pet food can, you can stop worrying because it has large, lock-tight handles that will certainly keep the contents fresh.

It’s easy to clean!

These days, it’s so important to find products that will make your life manageable and won’t take much of your time when it comes to cleaning or organizing them and this product is definitely one of those. You can just wipe it clean and it’s good as new! Plus, it has a great finish that keeps smudges away so it always looks shiny.

It has wheels, too!

While it’s not like other food containers that allow wheels to be dismantled from the product, this one has built-in wheels. This way, you wouldn’t experience the hassle of installing those wheels, or cleaning them separately.

pet food container with scoop

Sure, the Simplehuman 40-Liter Pet Food can is a pet food container with scoop, but it’s definitely more than that. With it, you can be able to keep your furry friend’s food safe and fresh for a long time, and you won’t’ have to worry about buying other products that will help you store food.

It has everything that you need and more so go ahead and try it. Use the link below if you want read what other pet owners have to say about this very sleekly designed container.

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