No Stress with No Spill Cat Water Bowl

Have you ever come home to a cat that is obviously thirsty sitting next to an empty, overturned water bowl and a huge spill on the floor? Cats love to play a great deal, and they flail their paws naturally. Sadly, a good target for play is the water bowl.

Also, pet cats can be quite finicky when it comes to water but you have to remember that they need proper hydration to prevent urinary tract infection. They can choose to drink from the floor or be trained to drink from faucets or water bowls. And if you are opting to train them to drink from water bowls, then you might as well use water bowls that are designed to prevent spills.

The best thing about the no spill cat water bowl from a company called ‘Neater Feeder is that it actually works.


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No matter how hard your cat tries to dump the water out of the bowl, or spill it over the food, the water just automatically drains out the grate, into the bottom reservoir. It is designed for all breeds and sizes of cats, with contoured design that allows snug access for the pets to eat and drink.

Like feeders with elevated positions, the use of this bowl is good for your pet’s health, caring for joints and digestion. The 4-inch cat dish is comfortable for your cat as she bends down to eat or drink, but if your cat is taller, then you can opt for the leg extensions to raise the bowl’s height. It is made from recyclable plastic and is dishwasher safe. The bowl is easy to use, easy to clean and long-lasting, with simple yet flawless design.

They call it kick-proof as this no spill cat water bowl is very stable and will not tip, giving you peace of mind every time your cat eats or drinks from it. It comes with inserts that are non-skid, keeping the bowl secure in place. So you save yourself from slippery floors and dry kibbles rolling everywhere.

You will enjoy the playfulness of your pet while maintaining the neatness of your home. The no spill water bowl is remarkable. Not only is it going to save your floors, it will also save your wits.

If you are having a hard time making your cat drink from a water bowl, here are a few tips: One, change the temperature of the water. Maybe your pet doesn’t like her water too warm, you can add a few ice cubes and test it out.

Another is to try moving her water bowl to a place that isn’t somewhere next to her food. You pet may be a bit picky, and it won’t hurt to try adjusting to her preferences if it will ensure that she gets fed and hydrated.

If your cat does not stick his head in the bowl to drink, it may probably be because the bowl is too deep or too small, making it seem unsafe or tight and limits her vision. She may intentionally tip the bowl over so she can get a good lick of water.

They say cats don’t like water and definitely hate to bathe. But some cats play with the water in their bowls as if they were actually taking a bath. By some amazing means, they manage to shoot water across the floor in spills and splashes. They even love to dip their paws in the water!

You would have to use rolls and rolls of paper towel to dry your floor and clean up. Not only would you stress out on the watery mess, spilled water can damage your floors. Moreover, some cats make a huge mess every time they eat, spilling food that can also ruin your floors. Such mess can be avoided with the aid of Neater Feeder’s no spill cat water bowl, so follow the link below if you want to check it out.

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