The Near Flawless Automatic Wet Cat Food Dispenser

Auto feeding machines that dispense dry food are so easy to come by. I visited a few websites plus a couple of pet supply stores in my area, and they all carry a pretty good variety of kibble dispensers. But what about one measly automatic wet cat food dispenser? No such luck!

Well the websites I checked out had pictures of some kind of wet food automatic feeder on display. Unfortunately it was out of stock at the time, and the vendors weren’t sure when the next stock is due in. So I tried my luck on Amazon and was real happy to discover the feeder I’ve had my eyes on for so long was available there! Here’s how it looks like…

automatic wet cat food dispenser

Click Here for the C20 Wet Food Dispenser for Cats  

You know what, in my opinion, this thing is almost flawless. If the manufacturer could work out a few design kinks, this product would’ve been perfect. This feeder works fantastically and overall, I’d say I’m pretty satisfied with its performance.

The unit is simple to operate, solidly built, and well secured so my sneaky cats can’t easily break into the food chambers and steal the food inside. The timer is near precise which is great because the last thing I want is for the food chambers’ lids to open way too late or worse, not opening at all thus starving my cats.

I say the timer is near precise because I noticed that occasionally the compartments do not open according to the time I had set. Sometimes they open 5 minutes too early or 10 minutes too late. It’s not a huge issue really since the vast majority of the time, they open right on schedule.

To ensure long-lasting freshness of meal, this automatic wet cat food dispenser is equipped with a removable freezer pack. The feeder can only take in one freezer pack and you have to place it right under the food chambers. There’s a dedicated freezer compartment located at the bottom of the food chambers and you just have to put the freezer pack in there.

I think the compartment’s insulation could be improved just a tad bit more. It’s pretty decent to be honest, but if you want the food to be kept cold for a longer period of time, you could try placing some Styrofoam around the freezer pack compartment. This approach works a treat!

The design kinks of this wet food automatic feeder…

As mentioned earlier, the C20 wet food automatic cat feeder would’ve been perfect, but it has a few design kinks so I had to knock the overall rating down a bit. Here are the flaws that you should be aware of.

1) This unit only offers two automatic feedings per day because there are only two meal compartments. Therefore, if you require more automatic feedings per day, you’ll have to pony up for another unit. If you ask me, a 3-compartment unit would’ve been much better. Some of my cats require 3 small feedings of wet food.

2) The feeder’s time is not an alarm clock style timer. The food compartments will open based on the number of hours chosen. There’s a dial on the feeder and it allows you to set how many hours until one of the compartment’s cover opens up to reveal the food.

Let’s say you put in the wet food at 10am and my cat is supposed to eat at 4pm. So what I’d do is twist the dial and pick 6 hours and the compartment should open later at approximately 4pm. So the timer works like a charm, but alarm clock style would’ve been better.

3) This cat wet food dispenser runs on a single AA battery which is awesome. Some feeders out there require multiple batteries and that can get pretty expensive in the long haul. However the issue here is the unit runs EXCLUSIVELY on battery.

You can use an AC to get it running and that sucks. It would be better if we have the option of using an AC as well in case the battery fizzles out. Oh and it doesn’t help that no battery power indicator is present on the unit.

Well, all in all, the product is near flawless to me, and the price is absolutely affordable. I think there are some units in stock, and you can check it out directly by using this link right here.

Click Here for C20 Automatic Wet Cat Food Dispenser

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