How to Improve a Cat's Appetite

improve your cat's appetite

If your cat refuses to eat due to fussiness, then there are certain things you could do to up the cat’s appetite. Here are a few suggestions that you might want to try…Read more

Why is Catnip Good for Cats

catnip good for cats

Yet another benefit of catnip is that it could actually help save your furniture from being scratched! You know how naughty some cats can be with their scratching habit. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent a good deal of dough on a solid scratching post. Read more

5 Common Cat Food Allergy Symptoms

If you see your pet showing any of these cat food allergy symptoms, it’s best to contact your vet. Unfortunately, the only way to see if the allergy is caused by his diet is to perform a food trial. Read More

5 Most Well-Known Cat Food Companies

A number of cat food companies will claim their products are “organic” and superior in various ways. But cat food quality can only be judged based on its ingredients. Read More

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? 

College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia professor, Sharon Crowell-Davis says experts cannot really say why dogs love cat food so much. But they do think it might be the higher protein content and the “effect it has on the flavor.” Read More

How to Put a Cat on a Diet

An average cat weighs anywhere between 8 and 10 pounds. If you can’t put him on a weighing scale, though, you can try the following to determine if he’s packing on the excess pounds. Read More

Senior Cat Nutrition Guide

The thing with cats, they don’t always look their age. They don’t always act their age, either. But just because they look and act young doesn’t mean they are. Or that you can keep feeding them the same stuff you’ve always had. Read More

Types of Cat Food 

Quality cat food can be a bit expensive, however. On average, they cost at least a couple of dollars more than the supermarket brands. But is $2 really too much to pay if you’re ensuring your cat stays healthy? Read More

What Can Cats Eat Besides Cat Food 

This may be why pet owners often give their cats “special treats”, sometimes straight from the dinner table. While the sentiment is all well and good, many cat owners don’t even realize that they could be endangering their precious felines whenever they do that. Read More

Why Does My Cat Eat Grass 

First off, it’s probably the best time to tell you not to worry. Experts agree that eating grass isn’t really harmful to your cat, vomit sessions notwithstanding. In fact, they are in agreement that it may even have some benefits to the cat. Read More

Why Does My Cat Throw Up After Eating Dry Food 

Many cats, unfortunately, are known to disgorge dry food that they’ve consumed. It may sound like a strange occurrence, but the behavior is more common than many pet owners think. There are also a lot of reasons why it happens. Read More

Why is My Cat Drinking so Much Water 

Of course, that’s a pretty simplistic answer, too. Because the volume of water a cat drinks can vary depending on her diet, too. For example, wet and canned cat foods usually have 80% water. Read More

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