Made in USA Automatic Timed Cat Feeder

Whenever possible, I try to purchase stuff that are made in the USA because of the exceptional quality (in most cases), plus it gives a bit of boost to this country’s economy as well as solidify the local job market.

Unfortunately, these days it’s kind of hard to find North American products because it seems that all kinds of stuff under the sun being sold here are made in China...

It’s the Chinese invasion!

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones of Beijing might be hitting this country pretty soon I guess (cue “Chinese Rock” by the Ramones in the background).

Look, I know there are some really nice China made products out there, but like I said, whenever possible, I go for the U.S. of A. products such as the automatic timed cat feeder you see right below.

U.S.A Manufactured 1.8 Gallon Auto Cat Timed Feeder Version CSF-3XL 

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This machine really reminds me of some kind of portal that opens to another dimension like in that science fiction TV show called Stargate SG-1. Top TV show by the way. I bought the entire DVD box sets not too long ago.

So anyway, the kibble dispenser you see up there isn’t that exciting, but the product functions like it is supposed to. In fact, it functions amazingly well indoors. Note, that the feeder can also be installed outdoors, but will require some serious customization!

My friend Eric had it set up on his outdoors porch via some tinkering here and there. No idea how he did it. I didn’t bother to ask because all my cats stay indoors anyway. Now, I believe this unit is a darn fine piece of machinery because of two reasons…

One…It’s straight up USA made product.

Two…not manufactured in mass quantities.

We all know that products that are not produced in mass volume tend to be of higher quality compared to mass-manufactured ones. See, I’ve tried a fair number of timed cat feeders throughout the years, and most of them were very shoddily made.

I’ll spare you the horrific details of my experience with using those poorly produced feeders which have the “made in China” label at the bottom :wink :wink…Except this one specific problem which I have to mention because it was the last straw and made me decide to not settle on mediocre auto pet dispensers.

The biggest issue was the timer accuracy… Many low quality feeders out there have these terribly inaccurate timers. They were often way off the adjusted schedule. The last cheap feeder I bought would dispense food around two to three hours off the mark! That was the final straw for me.

Thankfully, the CSF-3XL timed automatic cat feeder doesn’t have a crappy timer. The machine ships together with a cool indoor-only analog timer. It’s a high grade timer complete with LED light and it has these really small pins which functions as a calibrator for the dispenser’s highly accurate food distribution frequency and timing.

The pins on the analog timer allow you to configure up to 45 automatic feeding cycles per 24 hours. It’s a nifty little timer and using it is as simple as pressing a single pin for each time of day you like the machine to dispense the kibbles into the bowl.

The number of feeding cycles (48) this machine is capable of executing is simply mind-blowing. Obviously most cat owners would stick with the typical 2 to 4 automatic feeding cycles per day. And that can be configured pretty easily.

The one configuration feature that gave me a bit of a problem is the portion control. I think you may face the same problem during the initial set up. But don’t sweat it though. Instructions on how to program the portion control system is included in the package and the manufacturer even prepared a detailed, step-by-step online video guide to help you understand better.

The video link is written on the user’s instructions cover. Anyway, the portion control system is very versatile and I like that a lot. You’re allowed full control of the amount of kibbles dispensed by the machine, which means you can program it to put out one whole cup of kibbles, 1/2 a cup, 1/4, and even 1/8 servings.

Almost all types of kibble sizes are compatible with this well designed cat timed feeder, except for the 1/2 pyramid-shaped ones. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend that particular kibble size, though I might try using them with this feeder one of these days just for the fun of it!

The Quality of the U.S.A. Made CSF-3XL Timed Automatic Cat Feeder is Very Consistent Because of the following Reason…

Each unit is hand-fitted and assembled. That’s the primary reason. As mentioned earlier, it’s not a mass manufactured product so the quality control is as solid as a brick wall. The build is extremely rugged because heavy-duty plastic materials and metal parts were used to construct the unit.

I believe this is the toughest cat feeder on the market so expect some serious long lifespan out of this thing. Furthermore, spare parts are available from the manufacturer, so you don’t have to purchase the whole unit if something goes wrong with a specific part.

Products made in the USA are generally awesome to the core and this feeder is a proof of that. If you think I’m bias, then kindly use the link below to read what other users have to say about this fantastically constructed feeder.

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