Low Cost Top Notch Automatic Feeders for Cats

Okay so, you’re looking for an automatic feeder for cats, but you hit a couple of problems. Problem number one: awesome quality feeders are so expensive that they practically melt your wallet. Problem number two: the affordable ones are questionable in quality.

Well of course not all affordable ones are bad, however, the sad truth is most of them are completely craptastic! I checked out a few message boards on cats, and I often hear owners complaining about the cheap ones not functioning all too well or they simply do not last long. And I gotta agree with those folks because I too have my share of experience with using affordable but crummy feeders.

So, after checking out here and there and testing some models, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are only two worthwhile and quite inexpensive automatic feeders for cats. The first one is designed for wet food eating cats, while the other dispenses dry kibbles.

Here’s a good quality and inexpensive wet food feeder for cats…


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For Kibbles, take a look at this one…


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The Crown Majestic Kibble Feeding Machine for Cat

Alright what makes this auto kibble dispenser so worthwhile? Well, the most important thing is it works and it works very well. You can set it up so that the machine dispenses up to four meals per day. Pretty cool right?


 It’s such an awesome feeling to be able to relax and not having the cats bugging you for food because the machine will do all the feeding, up to four times, automatically.

Another convenience is the feeder’s ability to dispense varying amounts of food. It allows you to set ¼ quarter cup of kibbles all the way to a full cup. So this means the machine is capable of dispensing ¼, ½, ¾ and a whole cup of dry kibbles.

Now, just keep in mind that the amount dispensed may not be a hundred percent accurate because one has to take into consideration the size of kibbles.

The good thing about this feeder is that it’s not difficult to test the amount of feeding you want. Testing is done by putting in some kibbles in the round hopper and pressing the dispensing button.

If it doesn’t dispense the amount you like, just tweak the adjuster inside the hopper until you get the desired amount. Testing is real easy and won’t take long for you to get it sorted out.

Setting up the dispensing frequency was a little confusing in the beginning, but after messing around with the settings combined with the aid of the accompanied user manual, I was able to figure it all out.

 User manual is included and if you take the time to read it, you’ll surely be able to figure it out too. This stylish feeding machine for cat comes with a water bottle which is pretty small in my opinion. I don’t use it much so I leave it aside. Yes, the bottle is detachable.

Another cool feature is the ability to run the machine via AC adapter or AA batteries. If you opt for the latter, you’ll need a total of four batteries. Overall, this is a good quality, functional yet inexpensive automatic feeder.

Sure, it has a couple of flaws like how confusing it is to set the feeding frequency and the fact that your settings will reset if you turn off the machine, or if you take the plug off the wall outlet.

Price –wise, it’s not that expensive because you’re buying a real quality cat food dispenser automatic feature that works great, it’s convenient, helpful, and pretty durable as well. You get can get it from Amazon for around $65 - $70 per pop including shipping which is free of charge. Follow the link below for more info.

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The Cat Mate C20 Automatic Wet Food Feeder for Cats

I have a couple of cats that like to eat only wet food. You could dump a whole 20lb bag of Evolution brand (a highly rated brand by the way) cat kibbles in front of these two and they won’t even bother sniffing the kibbles, let alone eat them. So if I couldn’t be around to feed these two fussy eaters, then I’ll set up the C20 wet food feeder for cats.
And you’re gonna need two units if you’re planning on feeding the wet food to two adult cats. Kittens are generally willing to share with one another, but the adult ones from my experience, would hiss and growl at each other!

Anyway, the Cat Mate C20 works like it’s supposed to. It comes with a built-in ice pack to keep the food fresh and you can purchase additional ice packs if you wish. I think you should get another ice pack if you plan on using this feeder frequently. It’s less hassle that way because you get to exchange the packs right away. This is a very user friendly device.

It’s so easy to load the wet food, installing the freezer pack, setting the timer, etc. The unit has two trays meaning it can only serve two meals per day. The timer is very reliable and pretty accurate. The timer on this feeder is an analog one so feeding timing has to be set according to the amount of hours.

So for instance, if you load up the food at 7 am and you want the feeder to open the tray cover at 3 pm, then you set the amount to 8 hours. It’s that simple. Now from my experience, the accuracy of the timer could sometimes be a little off by between 5 – 10 minutes. No big deal for me and my cats (I think!)

All in all, this is a very decent automatic feeder for cats on a wet food diet. It’s reliable and fairly durable. The battery compartment is a bit on the flimsy side though.

Yes, by the way, this device is 100% battery operated. You’ll need only one AA battery to get it running. Here, check out this link for more even more info on the product.

Click Here for Cat Mate C20 Wet Food Automatic Feeder for Cat

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