Limited Ingredient Cat Food

Let me tell you a very brief tale about how we ended up feeding our cat Chumba limited ingredient cat food every single day. You see, we consider our cat Chumba a member of the family. We bring her with us on vacation, and treat him more like a dog than a cat. She is always out in the living room with the family curled up on one of us.

She was always very energetic and loving. However, in a short period of time we noticed her go from the most loving cat in the world to a very boring and rude cat. We didn’t know what was happening, as she was only 3 years old and this behavior is not very normal at all for a cat her age. It was just so unreal for a cat that had been acting all loving and normal, out of the blue suddenly flipped almost overnight!

6 years old isn’t that old even for a cat….

We took her to the vet and they told us she was just getting older. We did not believe it, as she only acted this way after eating for a few hours. We told the vet this and he insisted it is just old age. We knew there was no way it was old age, Chumba was only 6 years old at the time. Silly vet! Anyway so, we started to do a little research of our own.

We knew that she was only acting this way after eating. So we quickly came to the realization that it must be her food. We didn’t think she was allergic to anything, so we just bought her some higher end cat food that claimed to be much better and free of most things that cause this behavior.

We quickly realized that this was not working. We knew it was the food, but we did not know which food to get. Once again, our vet was not much help, as he was still insisting that it was her age.

So we did some more research, and decided to try out the limited ingredient cat food shown below. Apparently, it has all the nutrients that cats need to be healthy, without all the bad stuff and additives that can cause allergies or other long-term health problems.

Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food


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Right away we noticed a big difference in her behavior. Not only did she enjoy the food much more, her behavior was also back to normal. It was the cat we were used to once again, happy, loving and full of energy.

You see, other cat foods add tons of additives that can contain things that your cat may be allergic too. I think that was what happened to our cat. She was allergic to the additives, so she started feeling uncomfortable and actually showed her discomfort by acting different and out of character.

That is why we gave her limited ingredient cat food

She was completely fine once again. The Instinct Grain-Free limited ingredient cat food is also great because it does not have the nasty additives that other cat foods do. Even if your cat is not suffering from anything, you should look into making the switch.

You can compare it to eating fast food every day. Would you eat fast food every day? Probably not. And why is that? Because it has all those nasty additives and other unhealthy ingredients in it. When you don’t feed your cat limited ingredient cat food, she is getting all of those unhealthy ingredients in her food.


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