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Do you ever feel like the storage space of your pet’s food isn’t enough? Like, you have already tried using a lot of containers before and still, the food just won’t fit. That’s pretty frustrating, isn’t it?

Moreover, there’s also the fear that the food won’t stay fresh for long because some containers these days just cannot be sealed well, and it’s not possible for you to just place your pet’s food anywhere because it would be unhygienic and it won’t do a lot of good for your pet’s health.

Well, fear no more and let go of your worries because IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container is here!


What is it?

The IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container is a top of the line, airtight plastic container that can hold up to 54 pounds of dry dog food, and around 46 pounds of dry cat food. Now, that’s a lot of food that you can keep right there.

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Why should you get it?

You know, there are a lot of pet food containers in the market what sets the IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container apart is the fact that it can hold a lot of weight without taking too much space in your kitchen. Aside from that, there are a lot more reasons why you should get your hands on this product, and some of which include:

1) It is a 69 quart container.

This means that it can really hold a lot of food and that it won’t break apart at the slightest provocation. Remove the contents from their packages and pour them in with the help of molded-in handles that will make storing food easier for you, and you have basically nothing to worry about anymore!

2) It has snap-tight latches and airtight lids.

happy with its airtight lid feature

What’s nice about these is that they help you realize that the food you keep inside the IRIS pet food container will stay fresh, be free of moisture, and won’t be invaded by pests, especially by ants. This way, food will stay clean, and your pets won’t have to deal with being sick because the food they ate was dirty or spoiled. This way, you also get to keep your pet’s health in check, which is just the responsible thing to do.

3) It has a wide-open top.

This makes it easy for you to scoop some food out without spilling the food as the container also comes with a large scoop, so you can give your pets the right content of food that they need. This will also help your pour the kibble in.

4) It has clear bases.

The clear bases will help you know if you need to buy a new pack of kibble or if there are still lots of content. This way, you’d get to save money and you’d know exactly how much food there is left, so you won’t be confused about what you have anymore.

It’ll also help you see if you have to clean the container already. Make sure though that you really take the kibble out of their packages so that the packages won’t get stuck inside.

5) It includes 4 casters.

these casters are real handy!

These casters are free-wheeling, which makes it easy for you to install them to the container or remove them when they aren’t needed. This way, you can wheel the container around if you’re cleaning the house, or if you have to bring it to another room.

The casters are also easy to clean and are made with durable, high-grade plastic so you can be sure that they won’t rust, even if you wash them, and that they won’t easily accumulate dust, as well.

6) It doesn’t take much storage space.

For a container that can hold over 50 pounds of food, this one can easily be stored inside the pantry or just right under your sink. If you have wide countertops, you can keep them there, too.

iris airtight pet food container

Thinking about your pet’s health is not just about bringing him to the vet, feeding him high-grade kibble, or giving him wet food. It is also about knowing how to keep his kibble clean and fresh because cleanliness often leads to good health. With the help of the IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container, you’ll be able to save your pet’s life, and let you both live happily.

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