Hypoallergenic Cat Food

Just like people, cats can experience food intolerances or allergies. Your cat may suffer from diarrhea and may even throw up a lot because there’s something wrong with its GI, and food allergies are often the culprit. And if that isn’t enough, food allergies are known to induce awful skin ailments such as hot spots, ear infections, and rashes of course.

Allergies are the outcome of an immune system overreaction which only develops after repeated exposure to hidden allergens. When a cat gets an allergy, they often exhibit behaviors such as excessive scratching, constant meowing, and some may even get aggressive, so watch out!

Now, one of the best ways to reduce and even avoid such allergies is by feeding your allergy-prone kitty hypoallergenic cat food. This type of food is composed of ingredients that can eliminate allergies and irritations.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Hypoallergenic Venison & Peas Dry Cat Food


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To add to the glory, the hypoallergenic cat food you see above is tasty enough for the cats to quietly sit and gobble away. My cats love it! Normally dry food doesn’t whet the appetite of my two allergy-prone cats, but this particular brand seems to be the only exception so far.

hypoallergenic cat food

Anyway, if you really care about your pet, you would take measures that will ensure its good health. One of the biggest problems that a cat can face is falling ill due to allergies. My two cats were suffering from allergies and they actually lost quite a lot of fur. They also became less active. However, their condition improved immensely after about a week of being fed this hypoallergenic cat food formula.

It is a complete dietetic food for cats over 2 months and onwards. It is specially developed to decrease nutrient as well as ingredient intolerances via protein and carbohydrate derived from quality sources.

Allergies can happen if your cat’s immune system doesn’t take too kindly to certain ingredients. Like most living beings, cats have many sensitive organs and a couple of those are the skin and the gastro-intestinal tract. These two can be exposed to a variety of bad stuff and the cat’s body simply cannot endure them all the time. As a result, the cat’s immune system exhibits a negative reaction in the form of allergies and food intolerance.

Key Benefits of This Dry Type Hypoallergenic Cat Food

- Contains hydrolyzed protein resulting in a dry food that’s not only extremely digestible, but hypoallergenic too.

- Contains a formula that aids in diminishing the loss of fluid through skin and for bettering the skin’s barrier effect.

- Contains EPA/DHA fatty acids to ensure a better skin as well as a healthy digestive system. Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids like EPA/DHA are great for keeping inflammatory skin reactions at bay.

- Contains essential nutrients for promoting a digestive system that’s well balanced.

- It’s free of gluten and lactose.

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