How to Improve a Cat's Appetite

When a cat refuses to eat, it’s either because he or she is sick or just plain fussy. Now, I’ve had cats in my household pretty much all my life so I can tell if the refusal to eat is due to illness or fussiness.

So if it’s the latter, of course you need to take your cat to the vet. The vet would be able to determine the cause and from my experience, some of the common causes are general stomach upset, digestive disorders, a kidney that doesn’t function well, and even dental problems.

If your cat refuses to eat due to fussiness, then there are certain things you could do to up the cat’s appetite. Here are a few suggestions that you might want to try…

The Catnip Method

First, you could try to mixing a bit of cat nip with his or her favorite food. For example, my cat Tazzy loves to eat Friskies seafood platter flavor. One time the local store ran out of stock so I opted to buy the Chicken and Tuna flavor because that was the only flavor available at the time.

Put some in Tazzy’s bowl and served, but he didn’t want to eat it. That ginger fuzzy little brat! Some nerve huh? Okay anyway, I had a jar of Cosmic catnip so I added some to the Friskies chicken and tuna.

To my amazement, Tazzy went ahead and gobbled up the food. For me, it was a sight to behold! I don’t buy catnips regularly though, but when I do, I usually apply some on the stuff toys for my cats to play with. It really pumps them up.

Anyway, I heard of this method quite a long time ago but never actually tried it until recently. I’ve done more tests since and this approach seems to work most of the time. So, if your cat is a little on the fussy side, then it can’t hurt to give this tactic a shot. By the way, I usually buy the Cosmic brand catnip shown here.

Cosmic Catnip

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The Vitamin Mineral Mix Method

I’ve heard lots of great feedback regarding the use of vitamin B for stimulating a cat’s appetite. I couldn’t find a vitamin B only supplement for cats.

Heck, I’m not even sure if there is such a thing available on the market because most vitamin supplements for cats that I came across so far are actually multivitamins with some mixture of herbs, minerals and things like that.

I found a good vitamin mineral mix that really works for my fussy eaters. So if there’s no catnip around or if the catnip doesn’t work, try adding some vitamin mineral mix to the food. It might just stimulate your fussy eater’s appetite.

I know it works for me, well to a degree. At the very least, the vitamin mix helps improve your cat’s general health. Here’s a good vitamin mix that you might want to try out.

Halo Purely For Pets VitaGlo Vitamin Mineral Mix

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The Boiling Method

Another simple yet effective method is to boil some fish or chicken until they are full cooked, then mix them together with dry kibbles or canned wet food. I realize this approach is a bit of a hassle because you have to boil the stuff then wait for them to cool down, but it works pretty well and you don’t have to pony up for a jar of catnip or vitamin mineral mix. Although I highly recommend you get a vitamin supplement of some sort to ensure your cat’s overall well being.

I thought I should let you know about this allergy medication called Periactin which doubles as an appetite stimulant. My cat Banjo had URI (Upper Respiratory Infections) and my vet prescribed this for him. A couple of doses were enough to jump start his appetite. Works like a charm but like I said, it's a prescription medicine so you have to ask the vet about it.

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