Keeping It Warm with the Heated Cat Water Bowl

Many of us love winter, a time when we enjoy snow and ice as a welcome respite for the year. Skiing, snowboarding, and other winter joys fill our time as enormous piles of snow and freezing temperatures surround us.

For some, this season is a nuisance or even a nightmare when they have to endure the bone-chilling weather. This season is not always as enjoyable for our pets. Whether you have indoor or outdoor pets, it is a time to extend some extra loving care to protect them from the frosty conditions. One of the ways to demonstrate that extra loving care is by getting your cat a good quality heated cat water bowl.


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Protect your pet from frostbites by keeping them indoors as much as possible. If they have to stay outdoors, then make sure you give them a draft-free and dry shelter. A fur coat simply isn’t enough. Don them in special booties, layers and hats during walks.

Be wary of early signs of frostbite on your pets such as blisters and waxy skin. Do you know that indoor pets conserve their energy by sleeping more during the winter? They also exercise or move around lesser than they usually do in balmier weather.

More eating and less movement will most likely make them overweight. If you do not want your indoor pets to become overweight, you have to closely monitor their food intake during this time. Smaller portions of food and lots of water will do the trick. On the other hand, outdoor pets would need more food for energy as they keep on moving around.

this cat loves playing in the snow

Food keeps the body warm and it takes more energy to stay warm in the winter. To keep outdoor cats and dogs healthier and stronger during the winter, make sure they eat more and that they have fresh water to keep them hydrated.

But what happens when you put food and water for your pet outdoors? They freeze over in just a matter of seconds. Water bowls may become skating rinks for pests and moist food may as well be icicles. And no pet wants to lick frozen delights during winter! Keeping food and water from freezing over is extremely difficult if you live in places with frigid temperatures. The ideal solution is to utilize the heated cat water bowl that I mentioned earlier.

This feeder is designed to thermostatically control the warmth of food and water. Energy efficient at only 30 watts, the heated base keeps the temperature high enough to keep food and water from freezing outdoors. You might worry that your pet might get electrocuted or he might chew off the cord.

Well, it is rather safe for your pet because all electronics are sealed inside the bowl, the anti-chew steel cord is well-wrapped and the base is made of highly durable material. The heated water bowl comes with two removable stainless steel bowls that you can use for water, food or one of each, perfect for outdoor cats.

The base can be cleaned by simply wiping with a damp cloth. The bowls come out easily and are safe to clean in the dishwasher. The heater water bowl is MET listed and is harmless to your pets’ health. Your outdoor pets, and even feral cats, can now take pleasure in fresh moist food and clean drinking water even in the sub-freezing weather.

heated cat water bowl

The water can last for a good number of days and you will not find it a pain to keep on refilling. Conversely, you might need to put in moist food to make sure that the warm bowl will not dry it out. The heated cat water bowl will keep the food warm and inviting, making sure your pet will have just what it needs for energy and body warmth.

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