Grain Free Canned Cat Food

Cats can easily become obese; experience various allergies, and develop intolerances to certain ingredients. Your cat could avoid these nasty things if he goes on a healthy grain free diet. That is why Blue Buffalo Wilderness made a grain free range of canned cat food, to address the health concerns of your pets.


The awesome thing about this grain free canned cat food is that it’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates. When the manufacturer says that it has no grains, they really mean it. You won’t find corn, wheat and soy in this cat food. They only use high-grade ingredients, with no artificial flavorings, no chicken or poultry byproducts. There are only healthy natural ingredients mixed in this three-ounce can. The salmon flavour is a favourite apparently. Check out some of the reviews by using the link below.

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Of course, there are other cat foods out there that might claim the same thing, but yet another beneficial thing about this product is the manufacturer’s exclusive blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, also known as LifeSource® Bits.

Putting your cat on a raw diet, or something similar to that, might seem a little strange, since domesticated cats are often fed generic, store-bought cat foods. The problem with those foods is that they often lack the rich protein that cats would get from a raw diet. This product was inspired by the feeding patterns of a lynx. The lynx follows a high protein diet in the wilderness.

a majestic Lynx

Why not give your cat meals that have a higher concentration of the food she loves? This is the next best thing from a raw diet since 95% of it is made from real salmon. Truthfully, raw diet isn’t t always the best option for cats because they still need supplementation to accompany their meals for complete nutritional value. Blue Buffalo’s grain free canned cat food, fulfils the supplementation department as it is fortified with all the right vitamins and minerals, making it that much easier for your cat to be in the best state of health.

According to a number of customer testimonials, someone indicated that their cats had diabetes and needed regular insulin injections along with regular meals. The owner made the switch to Blue Buffalo grain free food, and after just a year of her cat being on a grain free diet, the feline’s state of health improved significantly that she no longer needed extra insulin injections. The canned foods were jam-packed with so many nutrients that blood sugar levels began regulating itself for the cat.

As if the health benefits weren’t enough to make this product stand out from the rest, something else that is worth pointing out is the fact that the smell is not as strong as some other canned cat foods. Many times after opening a can, a pungent smell comes out and it’s so off-putting that you feel like losing your appetite (even though you aren’t even the one eating it)...

grain free canned cat food

Truth is, Blue Buffalo Wilderness’ grain free canned food smells nice. I’d imagine the smell would be that more appetizing to your cat. Seafood has always been the favourite flavour, yet some felines can be pretty picky depending on the brand. Fortunately, even the choosiest cats have shown positive reaction towards this canned cat food.

The price for pack of 24 cans is a bit on the pricey side which is understandable since this is high quality stuff. You get what you pay for, that’s for sure. You can’t put a price on health, but I think the price of this food is reasonable. In fact, other healthy cat food brands should start retailing their foods at similar, if not more competitive prices. Some brands are a whole lot more expensive!

Sometimes cats don’t do well with an all-wet food diet, so if you’re thinking about transitioning from dry to wet foods, consider mixing the grain free canned food with some kibbles to help regulate bowel movements and diet adjustments. But cats should not stay on a strictly kibble diet. They won’t get sufficient protein from kibbles, and as carnivores they should be on a high protein diet for optimal health. This grain free canned cat food is suitable for cats of all ages. If your cats are still eating kibbles only, consider making the switch today.


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