Gold Status Stainless Steel Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

For years, I couldn’t find the right container to store my cat’s food. The ones I bought in the past didn’t last very long and had all kinds of problems ranging from flimsy unsecured lids, to shoddy built-in wheels. Needless to say, I was extremely annoyed with the lack of quality pet food storage bins out there. Thankfully, not too long ago I came across the following stainless steel pet food storage container on


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Due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews I read on the site, it didn’t take long for me to make the final decision and initiate purchase. So I’ve been using it for nearly a year now and I have to say, the positive reviews were totally justified.

This airtight pet storage is absolutely delightful to have in the house. The first thing I would like to compliment is the design of this product which is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I just can’t get over how gorgeous it looks.

Really love how awesome it looks in my kitchen. I placed the thing against the wall next to my counter top and it doesn’t look out of place at all, unlike some containers I purchased previously which were rather gaudy and never looked good in my kitchen.

Another thing I like about this airtight pet food storage container is that it doesn’t leave fingerprints on the surface, and that means a heck of a lot to me. I absolutely hate seeing fingerprints all over my kitchen stuff, especially on items with shiny finish.

The shape of the container is very nice and slim, so you could slide it under the kitchen table, position it against the wall, whatever. The thing can pretty much fit any area in the kitchen. I have two of these containers.

One is for storing a 30 pound bag of Yesterday’s News cat litter, while the other one for storing a couple bags of cat food. Now my kitchen looks neat, tidy, and pretty well-organized without those bags of litter and food lying around!

Another positive aspect that must be noted is the construction which is 100% solid as rock. I have absolutely no doubt that this stainless steel pet food storage can last for a very long, long time. The thing is really tough and pretty heavy to boot –weighing almost 30 pounds! But don’t worry; it has built-in wheels at the bottom for easy transportation. The wheels work well, smooth and pretty stable all around.

As far as space is concerned, the container is capable of storing a 30 lb of dog food, or in my case, two 15 lb bags of Natural Balance dry cat food. Yep, the amount of space is very generous.

Also, the container is extremely airtight which helps a great deal in keeping the food fresh, and furthermore, the lid is temper-proof thanks to the container’s lock-tight handle structure. I don’t know about your cat, but I’m totally convinced that there’s no way in hell my cat could break into this thing. The same cannot be said about the previous bins I purchased which had questionable lid locks.

You know what, the container comes with its own scoop and it is a magnetized one so you can actually attach it under the bottom of the lid. It’s pretty cool, and the scoop is useful as it has measurement marks indicating a ½ cup and 1 cup full.

Cleaning this airtight pet food storage container is easy because there’s a removable plastic bucket within the container. It is so much convenient to simply take out the bucket and clean it individually, instead of actually cleaning the entire container. But every now and again, you should take the time to clean the container as well.

Storing cat food in this container is completely safe because the removable bucket is BPA-free. BPA is Bisphenol by the way, and it’s a material used to make plastics. So yes, you shouldn’t worry about putting food in the container’s inner bucket.

Okay so far, everything’s well with this container. Does it have any flaws? The answer is yes, but a couple of small ones. The first flaw is the stainless steel finish which can get scratched rather easily.

Another flaw is the cost of the container which is quite high. Fortunately, this container comes with a 10 year limited warranty, and fact of the matter is the product may very well last for a decade or more, so I guess the cost isn’t much of an issue.

What I hate is paying a reasonable amount of money on something that doesn’t last very long. So trust me when I say this particular container will last plenty of years! I’ll include a link right down here so you can get more information on it.

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