Drinkwell 360 Cat Fountain Review

When it comes to general health, drinking water is important. It’s good for humans and it’s sure as heck good for your pets, too. And what better way to get your pet cat drinking than by giving him a really cool cat fountain to drink from?

Below, you will find one of the best cat fountains in the market today. And why you should definitely consider getting one. Cat owners, say hello to the Drinkwell 360 Cat Fountain.


Product Features:

• Provides a constant stream of water to encourage pets to drink more
• Perfect for multiple-cat households
• Bad tastes and odors are eliminated because charcoal filters are replaceable
• Changeable spout rings
• Rubber feet to prevent sliding
• Adjustable flow control cap allows water flow customization
• Stainless steel

Product Details:

• Dimensions: 14.6 x 14.8 x 7.5 inches
• Weight: 4.3 pounds

Amazon Rating (at time of writing): 4.1 put of 5 stars

Price:   Check Current Price Tag Here 

Water is essential in supporting pets’ vital organ functions. On average, your pet should be drinking an ounce of water per pound of weight. Drinkwell 360 Cat Fountain aims to get your pets to do just that. The fountain is patented, stainless steel that has free-falling streams of water to promote healthful and aerated oxygen to keep pets hydrated.

When the cat fountain we were using was accidentally deformed after a bout in the dishwasher (son was feeling lazy and didn’t do clean up properly. He was appropriately hissed at by our cat, Jenkins, for the fiasco), we decided to go ahead and get a new one. What we ended up getting was the Drinkwell 360 Cat Fountain.

We were happy to find out that among the many features, it also comes with activated carbon filters made from coconut shells. These shells pass through carbonization processes to remove all the other elements. When oxygen is added back, the carbon is activated, making the material highly suitable for adsorption. With this filter, taste is improved and odors are removed from basic drinking water.

It comes with a submersible pump and operates quite silently. The receiving ramp is curved so you won’t have to worry about water sloshing and splashing all over the floor. The rubber feet keep the fountain secure on the floor. The fountain itself can hold up to a gallon of water and plugs into your wall sockets running low-voltage 12-volt systems.

drinkwell 360 cat fountain

Drinkwell 360 Cat Fountain also comes in a sleek and modern design. That means you can rest assured that it will fit in with the rest of the home décor and not stand out as an eye sore. I wasn’t particularly keen on the black plastic clips at the fountain center. I personally thought the picture looked well in this regard compared to the real thing.

I also found that I may be refilling the tank more often than usual. This may be because the water area is large and thus evaporation is also made easier? Also, the marks for the water levels are a bit hard to read. There are marks to indicate the minimum and maximum water levels allowable but they’re so light they’re almost invisible.

It didn’t help that the product was made of stainless steel, if anything; it made reading the marks harder because of the reflected shine. I wasn’t sure if it’s just the one I ordered or if it’s the same with all the products. Either way, it’s a bit of a challenge for me, especially since I don’t have 20/20 vision to start with.

But other than that, Drinkwell 360 Cat Fountain is fantastic.


• large capacity
• easy to assemble
• easy to clean
• nice and quiet
• nice, hygienic cylindrical filters


• the black plastic clips at the front cheapens the look a bit

• may require frequent refills despite the capacity

• hard to read water level marks

When it comes to cat fountains, Drinkwell 360 Cat Fountain is definitely a step up over the plastic kinds. There is a room for improvement, sure, but what it has at the moment isn’t bad either. The material is durable and the cleanup is easy. What else can you ask for?

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