CatIt Water Fountain Filters Review

It would be nice to buy a cat fountain and not have to worry about anything ever again. But alas! That’s not how the world works. One of the most common setbacks to having a fountain is the need to replace filters. Lucky for pet owners, there are some pretty awesome brands out there that take most of the hassle of buying and replacing filters away. Like the Catit Water Fountain Filters.

What: Hagen 18-Pack Catit Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters for Pets

Product Features:

• convenient 18-pack
• replacement carbon cartridges for Catit Fresh and Clear Fountains
• Activated carbon to help absorb water impurities
• replacement filters for Catit Small Drinking Fountain (6 x 3 pack, total of 18)

Product Details:

• Product dimensions: 8 x 8 x 4 inches
• Product weight: 5.6 ounces
• Shipping weight: 10.4 ounces

Amazon Rating (at time of writing): 4.8 out of 5 stars

Price:   See Up-to-Date Price Tag Here 

The Catit Foam Cartridge for Catit Design Fresh & Clear Fountain is described as a replacement carbon filter for the Catit Design Cat Drinking Fountain. Without it, the filters won’t be able to collect hair, debris, food and sediments that may accumulate in the course of the normal usage of the fountains. Having activated carbon is one of the key selling points of this item as it’s touted to help absorb impurities from the water ensuring your pet always get clean and fresh drinking water.

My family bought a Catit water fountain some time back for our 2-year old cat. Needless to say, our cat Marshall loved it. It’s quite possibly the best recirculating water fountain for cats. At least we think so, and we have tried a lot of different kinds and brands. You really get clean water every single time. This was particularly important to us because Marshall suffered from a urinary tract infection before. It was imperative that he always had clean drinking water accessible at all times.

catit water fountain filters


It was quite easy to maintain and we only had to clean it maybe once every month. You can bet the kids loved that! But cleanup is really easy anyway, I think the kids just like whining. Personally, I just take the thing apart; wash the components with some dish soap and rinse. I usually let the parts dry overnight and then put them back together in the morning.

The only time I ever had a problem with it was the first time I took it apart. I couldn’t for the life of me remember the direction the filter goes. Thankfully, the husband figured out that the package for the filter has a cut-away view. It shows the white side of the filter goes up. So there was that. But I digress.

When the time came to replace the filters, we went to Amazon to order some. For some reason, I couldn’t find any to buy locally. It didn’t really matter though. Ordering off Amazon is easy enough and delivery is usually fast anyway.

I was actually happy to find out that there’s a big pack of these filters. I was just searching for Catit Water Fountain filters, fully expecting to have to keep ordering again and again. So when I realized that there’s an 18-filter pack, it was a bit of a relief. This is a pretty awesome bargain really. If you have more than one cat in the house, you’d be going through your filters quite fast and having this many filters in one packet should be a real lifesaver.

You will find that you won’t have any trouble fitting these filters into your Catit water fountain.

The Hagen 18-Pack Catit Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters for Pets is good value for your money and worth every penny.


•good for multi-cat households
•easy to fit on most Catit water fountains
•value for money


•remembering which way the filter goes may be confusing at times

Whether you have a cat or a dog, Catit Water Fountains can provide them with clean drinking water. And if you have a Catit fountain, it’s ideal to buy a Catit Water Fountain filter as well.

You will find that no matter how well you take care of the fountain or how often you clean it; there will come a time that the filter will have to be replaced. If that happens, consider getting the Hagen 18-Pack Catit Drinking Fountain Replacement Filters for Pets. It’s some of the best value you could get for your money.

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