Best Cat Food for Hairballs

cat food for hairballs

Sometimes he’d throw up as many three to five times a day. I tried a hairball aid gel to help him out, but it wasn’t effective at all. Finally a friend who is a vet assistant recommended the kibble pack you see down here, which according to him is the best cat food for hairballs. Read more

Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

According to my cat Blinky, the kibbles are chewy and have a savory taste so he likes them so much. Sorry, just messing with you guys! But Blinky seems to enjoy this Sensitive Stomach formula a lot more than other dry kibbles I’ve purchased in the past. Read more

Best Wet Cat Food for Senior Cats


Many cat owners attest to the Royal Canin’s benefits on their cuddly senior felines. One cat owner related how Royal Canin saved the life of her 11-year old cat. Due to its rather old age, this particular cat had developed a number of infections, a loose tooth, plus several dental issues. Read more

Best Dry Cat Food for Indoor Cats


Why? See, unlike outdoor cats, the indoor ones generally live a lifestyle that’s more laidback. Less action and more relaxation means that indoor cats are much more prone to packing on those undesirable extra pounds compared to their outdoor counterparts. Read more

Grain Free Canned Cat Food

The awesome thing about this grain free canned cat food is that it’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates. When the manufacturer says that it has no grains, they really mean it. You won’t find corn, wheat and soy in this cat food. Read more

Healthiest Dry Cat Food

I’ve read a number of reviews claiming that this isn’t just one of the healthiest dry cat foods on the market, but also one of the tastiest ones out there. These cat owners rave about how their adult cats go nuts over a bowl of Organix. Read more

High Protein Dry Cat Food

Being a high quality and high protein dry cat food product, Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness Grain offering has no glutens or grains. This product also does not contain soy, wheat, or corn and no artificial preservatives are added. Read more

Hypoallergenic Cat Food

One of the biggest problems that a cat can face is falling ill due to allergies. My two cats were suffering from allergies and they actually lost quite a lot of fur. They also became less active. However, their condition improved immensely after about a week of being fed this hypoallergenic cat food formula. Read more

Soft Cat Food for Older Cats

From cancer-riddled felines to cats that could barely eat, this soft cat food for older cats prolonged the lives of many, giving new meaning to both the cats and their owners. Some gained their energy back and experienced improved mobility, some regained their appetite, and others experienced fur regrowth. Read more

Best Urinary Tract Cat Food

Every time we would go to the vet, it would cost us quite a lot of money, which I honestly could not afford. Little did I know that using the best urinary tract cat food would solve this whole problem altogether. Read more

Limited Ingredient Cat Food

She was completely fine once again. The Instinct Grain-Free limited ingredient cat food is also great because it does not have the nasty additives that other cat foods do. Read more

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