Spill Proof Raised Cat Feeding Bowls

spill proof cat bowl

What I mean by taking it to another level is to get a bowl that has these solid little walls along with a small reservoir located at the bottom to drain spilled water and tiny bits of food effectively. Here’s what I mean…Read more

3 Bowl Cat Feeder

You can check out the amazing 3 bowl cat feeder from Orbit Innovative which is beautifully styled in an assortment of attractive colors and fancy yet subtle prints that can suit any home décor. Read more

Ant Proof Cat Bowl

The ant proof cat bowl is a waterless system that can hold 2.5 quarts of pet food and drink. There is absolutely no need for you to create moats outside the bowl. No soap needed as well. Read more

No Spill Cat Water Bowl

They call it kick-proof as this no spill cat water bowl is very stable and will not tip, giving you peace of mind every time your cat eats or drinks from it. It comes with inserts that are non-skid, keeping the bowl secure in place. Read more

Heated Cat Water Bowl

Whether you have indoor or outdoor pets, it is a time to extend some extra loving care to protect them from the frosty conditions. One of the ways to demonstrate that extra loving care is by getting your cat a good quality heated cat water bowl. Read more

Slow Feed Cat Bowl

The tubes are held in place by a non-slid rubber bottom. The device then becomes an interactive food center because the cat needs to put her paws inside the tube to get her food out. Read more

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