Best Wet Cat Food for Senior Cats

Like humans, a cat’s nutritional needs change as they grow old. Feeding senior cats can be tricky and many cat owners are in the dark as to what to feed their old-timer feline buddy.

Dry kibble may not be something you would want to feed a senior cat. Now in its golden years, it is recommended that you put your senior cat on a wet food diet. And one of the best wet cat foods for senior cats is the Royal Canin Instinctive 7+ Vitality Support (3-ounce cans, pack of 24).


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The Royal Canin is great for veteran cats from the ages of 7 years and up. With its thinly sliced, well mixed ingredients dipped in gravy; this brand of wet feline food has been specially formulated to appease senior cats. Only the best wet cat food for senior cats supply low levels of phosphorus to help support healthy kidney function. The thin slices of meat are also easy on a senior cat’s sensitive gums and teeth. What more can you ask for your aging feline?

Many cat owners attest to the Royal Canin’s benefits on their cuddly senior felines. One cat owner related how Royal Canin saved the life of her 11-year old cat. Due to its rather old age, this particular cat had developed a number of infections, a loose tooth, plus several dental issues.

this is a tough senior cat!

The cat had been prescribed subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics. However, the cat still wouldn’t eat and became lethargic as a result. The cat ended up in the veterinary hospital and its owner forked out a decent amount of cash to cover its treatment.

The owner then brought the 11-year old cat home. Later on, the owner fed the Royal Canin formula to her cat and several days later, the cat grew a little active and eventually, it resumed its normal activities! Sure, the best wet cat food for senior cats can be a little on the pricey side, but the owner is more than happy to spend that bit more to ensure her 11 year old cat remains healthy.

Another cat owner related how Royal Canin saved her 14-year old feline’s life. The cat became thin and its fur began to brittle and sparse. Because budget was tight, the owner could not afford the full-blown expensive care required for an aged cat.

Fortunately, the owner discovered Royal Canin and was pleased with the health benefits it provided for her cat. Initially, the cat didn’t even bother to sniff the food, but on the second day, the cat slowly started eating it. As the days passed, the cat’s hair became a little shinier and thicker. The cat got stronger and its eyes became clearer. Once again, the best wet cat food for senior cats did the trick.

There are so many similar stories on how cat owners feed their cats the Royal Canin Instinctive 7+ Vitality Support, and how their cats gradually became healthier after eating this food product for a certain period of time.

Your cat’s dietary needs change as it grows older. It may not be able to eat its usual food when it reaches the age of 7 or so. As your cat ages, the risk of catching age-related illnesses arises. Cats suffering from constipation, colitis, anal gland disease, or diabetes mellitus benefit from foods rich in dietary fiber. Felines with colitis and inflammatory bowel disease need diets with highly digestible carbohydrates, fat, and protein sources.

best wet cat food for senior cats

Cats suffering from heart disease also have special dietary needs for them. These foods normally have lower sodium amounts and more taurine – an essential amino acid. Cats having chronic kidney failure must be fed diets with protein (highly digestible). This leads to fewer by-products to be broken down, which the kidneys eliminate through the urination process.

Cats with oral and dental disease should be eating canned food. For cats with cancer, increased omega-3 fatty acids in their food may be beneficial. Royal Canin has all the ingredients necessary to supplement your aging cat’s vital functions, thus it is no surprise that many owners of senior cats consider the Royal Canin Instinctive 7+ Vitality Support as one of the best wet cat foods for senior cats out there.

The wetness of the food is great for cats with oral problems, while its high quality protein content is ideal for felines with chronic kidney failure as it can aid them in eliminating waste.

Keep in mind that as your cat ages, its dietary needs may require some adjustments in order to adapt with whatever condition that it may be experiencing. If you want your senior cat to have the best when it comes to nutrition, you should give Royal Canin Instinctive 7+ Vitality Support a try.

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