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Nothing is worse than seeing your cat suffer. My pets are a part of my family, and I treat them as such. When my cat was suffering from urinary tract problems, I had no idea what to do. Every time we would go to the vet, it would cost us quite a lot of money, which I honestly could not afford. Little did I know that using the best urinary tract cat food would solve this whole problem altogether.

Every time we go to the vet, they would prescribe antibiotics. It would help our cat for a few days, maybe a couple weeks, and then we would be right back to where we started, with our cat suffering from the infection once again. To give you an idea of how bad it was, our cat would pee blood every hour. This sounds pretty extreme, but it is actually pretty common.

He would run around the house peeing blood all over the carpet. We could not scold him of course, as it was not his fault. We couldn’t put him outside either because he was not an outside cat and needed our love and comfort while going through this bad event.

So, we finally went to another vet. The guy’s a bit of a maverick. He’s known for prescribing alternative medicine to animals that other vets would never recommend. According to some folks I know, his methods worked in most cases, and he has received plenty of good feedback.

So we went into the vet and he asked about the symptoms. The first thing he asked us was what sort of cat food we have been feeding him. We told him we were just using generic and cheap cat food from the store. I asked him why does the food have anything to do with the urinary tract infection, and he told me that is exactly what is causing the problem. He told us that if we start feeding him the best urinary tract cat food, he will be fine in no time.

So we took his word for it and went out and bought some Purina UR. It was a little expensive, but we were willing to do anything for our little baby to go back to normal. We were so tired of seeing him looking sad and in pain all the time. We wanted him to be happy, run around and generally enjoy his life. He was only 3 years old and should have been enjoying the prime of his life like the majority of other cats his age.

The Best Urinary Tract Cat Food: Purina UR by Veterinary Diets

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After purchasing the food we took him home and set it in his food dish. Usually it takes him a while to eat his food, as he is a very picky eater. But this time he attacked the food like nobody’s business. It was obvious he loved the taste of it, but we were more worried about how it helped his urinary infection.

The food did its job as the next day he was doing much better. He stopped urinating blood and seemed much happier and healthier. It worked much better than any of the medication he had been prescribed, and was a fraction of the price of some premium cat foods that aren’t urinary tract-friendly and not to mention the vet visits.

I recommend this product to anyone. It is really the best urinary tract cat food on the market and your cat will surely love it.

best urinary tract cat food

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