Best Dry Cat Food for Indoor Cats

The best dry cat food for indoor cats should contain a formula that helps prevent excessive weight gain. Why? See, unlike outdoor cats, the indoor ones generally live a lifestyle that’s more laidback. Less action and more relaxation means that indoor cats are much more prone to packing on those undesirable extra pounds compared to their outdoor counterparts.

If you indoor cat is around one to ten years old, then you might want to try feeding him the Royal Canin Indoor Cat Light 40 shown below.

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Royal Canin Indoor Cat Light 40 provides a suitable balance between energy level of a diet and expenditure of energy that is appropriate to your indoor cat’s activity level, which is generally not that high. What this all means is that the Light 40 formula may help keep your indoor cat’s weight in check. But of course, if you were to feed him an excessive amount of this formula in one sitting, say 3 full bowls per mealtime, then pretty soon he will turn into a sumo cat!

butterball cat!

I feed my indoor cats a reasonable amount and I usually add in just a tad bit of wet food. The Light 40 formula boasts natural flavors and that’s a good thing because my fairly tubby cats are finicky eaters. Normally, they won’t bother eating dry food. So, if you’re looking for the best dry cat food for indoor cats, one that’s high in protein and fat levels that’s well balanced to keep unwanted pounds at bay, do check out the Royal Canin’s Light 40.

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Cats love meat, just like any carnivore. And owners should acknowledge that. When it comes to the need of your feline, the owner should be as picky as their cat. Cats can be inflexible when it comes to food.

 As compared to what the owner should be eating, they should be provided with more fat and protein. However, when your cats despise the food you provide, the owner should be prepared for more options. Unlike babies, cats can refuse food when forced to have something they do not like and when that happens, it becomes dangerous for the cat.

Finding the right food for your cat would usually depend on the age and the appetite. A healthy diet is most important to ensure a long lifespan for your cat. Kittens are another story as they need more food depending on the body weight to allow optimal growth compared to adult cats. This means that kittens should take in more food all through the day from six months until they become adults.

Your Cat's Health Matters

best dry cat food for indoor cats

Your cat could suffer from several health problems. Certain health problems may also trigger a different food need and the number of instances the cat should be eating.

A good example is diabetes where in if your feline suffers from such, food has to be given every time insulin is given or injected on him. However, for cats affected with hyperthyroidism, it is not unusual for cats to have a massive appetite.

As cats age, similar to humans one of the great problems owners can experience is having bad teeth along with some gum disease which could pose a problem when your cat chews dry food. In instances like these, it is advisable for owners to be aware and ensure that the food served is crumbled up and water mixed in to soften it for easier chewing

Best Type of Food

Dry food is generally more economical in comparison to canned cat food and the former tend to remain fresher a lot longer. Does your cat eat dry food exclusively? If yes, then you need to supply him with plenty of fresh plain water. Some cats may get urinary tract blockages rather easily, so large water consumption is absolutely necessary for them. All in all, easy access to clean drinking water is mandatory for pretty much all cats.

There’s water in canned cat food. Approximately 70% to 80% so mixing dry and canned food would be a good idea. Some cats however, prefer eating canned food exclusively. Whatever his preference may be, do not to let your cat gain free access to his food. Otherwise, he’s likely to turn into an unhealthy butterball!

Ensuring that food portions are correctly given to your feline is important, considering that labels are usually according to the requirements of the ordinary cat. Hence, knowing this, you have to ensure that you are fully aware of the needs of your cat. In feeding a cat dry food, ensure that specific quantity measurements are provided during mealtimes, and supplement just a bit of canned cat food in some instances to provide your feline friend a more appealing meal.

Certain cats know how to exercise self-discipline, thus it shouldn’t be a problem if they were to be free fed good quality kibbles such as the Light 40 formula which is considered by some feline loving folks as the best dry cat food for indoor cats. However, some cats enjoy snacking like there’s no tomorrow, and these cats must not be free fed or they’re likely to put on excessive amount of weight within a short period of time.

Put schedule in consideration

Creating a regular schedule for feeding your cat is necessary. Choose one that can allow not only your cat to enjoy the meal with some peace and quiet, but one that’s also convenient enough for you to stick with it on a consistent basis.

In a multi-cat family, it’s possible that when it’s mealtime, some won’t come along when you call them. It’s going to be hard for the ones that didn’t come to access their food. Yes, you can leave their share out in the open, but the others will surely eat it! To solve this problem, you can either feed the cats one by one which is time consuming, or just use different parts of your house so you end up feeding them separately.

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