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I came across a super pricey ceramic cat fountain a while ago and up till now; I still can’t get over the price. How pricey is it?

Try $150!

best ceramic cat fountain

For that price, I could purchase about four 12-pound bags of healthy organic kibbles and that’s nearly half a year’s supply.

You don’t need to splash that much cash for a cat drinking fountain. Heck, that pricey one I saw was just an ordinary looking ceramic fountain. It wasn’t that big, and it certainly didn’t have any fancy features that warranted such a tremendous price tag.

Truth is, the best ceramic cat fountain cat can be purchased for much less than a hundred fifty bucks. Take a look at this. This one won’t mess up your budget and the overall quality is more than satisfactory.


Visit the product page here 

If you don’t believe me folks, just use the product page link above and you’ll find a truckload of customer reviews and the vast majority including yours truly are happy with it

This really is the best ceramic cat fountain cat and it is called “Big Max” by Pioneer Pet. I think the name sounds pretty stupid (for a cat fountain that is), but the product is decent enough, so what the heck eh?

If you swing over to the product page via the link above, one of the first things you might notice is its rather peculiar design. To me, it looks like a funky high heel shoe made by a deranged shoe designer.

The shape/design may be funny, but make no mistake; the fountain is very well put together. Unlike other ceramic cat fountain out there that are inferiorly made, the Pioneer Pet Big Max holds up well and it won’t brittle as easily.

It’s a wonderful addition to any home with overactive cats. Some cats are so hyper that they even mess about with the fountain and end up breaking it. With the Big Max standing strong and proud, a hyperactive cat owner have nothing to worry about.

One of my feline buddies, Mr.Tweedy isn’t a fan of drinking water.

tweedy cat

Mr. Tweedy

I used to worry that he might experience bad dehydration one day, but since I bought the Big Max, he’s been drinking plenty of water. I guess the moving water excites him, or it could be that he enjoys drinking water from a bowl that’ made of ceramic.

I was using a very cheap plastic fountain before I got the Big Max. That plastic drinking fountain accumulates dirt and grime easily, and it didn’t very last long. I’d pick ceramic over plastic any day.

Those who are interested in providing their precious cats with clean, healthy water should check out Pioneer Pet Big Max ceramic fountain. It is really worth the money. The fountain comes with a charcoal filter and this thing gets rid of the all the dirty stuff and nasty odour from the water without fail (mine’s been working without a single issue so far).

Another plus point is that it is user-friendly. It’s a cinch to attach and detach the fountain. Cleaning it is also a cinch and the filter, of course can be easily replaced. It’s such a decent product yet surprisingly, not many are aware of its existence and I reckon it’s due to the brand which isn’t as well-known as ‘Drinkwell’.

Drinkwell is such a popular cat fountain brand; they’re currently dominating the market. Drinkwell’s line of cat fountains are mostly good, but for me, the best ceramic cat fountain cat award has to be accorded to Big Max by Pioneer Pet.

I actually recommended the Big Max to a good friend of mine, Beth. Beth owns a couple cats and she had a bit of trouble persuading her dear pets to drink more water. Plus, they tend to make a lot of mess when a regular cat water bowl is presented to them. So I suggested the Big Max to her and I think about a week or so, Beth gave me the good news. Both her cats are drinking more water!

 Looks like the Big Max has successfully piqued their interest in drinking more water, just like it did with my Mr.Tweedy. Beth also told me that her cats don’t seem to be interested in messing around with the fountain so there’s no mess to clean up, unlike with the normal cat bowl.

If you’re interested in acquiring the best ceramic cat fountain that’s not only affordable, but also comes with free shipping, check out the link displayed below.

Click Here For Details, Reviews, & Current Price of Big Max Ceramic Cat Drinking Fountain

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