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Around several months ago, I adopted a stray tuxedo cat and I gave him the name “Bond”. So our feline spy is very cute and everything, but his spying skills are nowhere near as good as his human namesake. Why is that you may ask?

 Well problem was, Bond the cat had a really serious vomiting issue. Sometimes he’d throw up as many three to five times a day. I tried a hairball aid gel to help him out, but it wasn’t effective at all.

Finally a friend who is a vet assistant recommended the kibble pack you see down here, which according to him is the best cat food for hairballs.

Royal Canin Dry Cat Food, Intense Hairball 34 Formula

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I took heed of his recommendation and proceeded to purchase a pack of this cat food hairball control from Amazon. I wanted the free shipping, plus I found the price to be a bit cheaper than the local pet store. So anyway, I fed Bond the Royal Canin hairball formula the day I received the pack.

Now, the first few days, I didn’t really notice the difference. Bond was still vomiting like maybe two to three times a day. However, after about a week or so, I began to see the difference in Bond’s vomiting frequency.

Another week later, his barfing decreased significantly. In fact, throughout the second week, he barfed only twice. Now, it’s been two months since I started feeding him this food and things are looking very well.

No vomiting at all in the last 30 days. Awesome! Now, Bond can attempt various spying missions without leaving a trail of ultra disgusting vomit all over the place. Yuck!

Even the Best Cat Food for Hairballs needs Time to Be Effective!

Yes, that’s correct. I want to remind you about something concerning this product… From my personal experience, preventing hairball in cats is very much possible with the Royal Canin cat food hairball control formula, BUT you have to give it a bit of time to work its magic.

It’s not going to work in an instantaneous manner. In my case, it took a couple of weeks to greatly reduce Bond’s vomiting, and then over a month or so to almost eliminate the problem. I say “almost” because I have reason to believe Bond’s hairball issue might crop up every now and again.

In fact, I saw him heaving this morning like he was going to barf, but he didn’t – thank goodness! A once or twice a month occurrence is fine by me. In the meantime, I’ll keep feeding him this food because it’s effective and Bond seems to love the taste!

Bond is actually a pretty fussy eater, but he’s real crazy about this food. I think the scent of the food is very pleasant. I remember opening the first pack and I caught whiff of the smell, I thought, “Man, this is one sweet smelling dry food”. I checked the label and saw rosemary extracts as one of the ingredients!

Anyway, the kibbles are like triangle –shaped, and easy for cats to chew. This pack supplies approximately 16 cups and is suitable for adult cats between the ages of 1 to 10 years old.

 The only negative thing about this product is the cost. This may be the best cat food for hairballs, but it’s still pretty pricey for a pack of 16 cups. Good thing you can get it a bit cheaper from Amazon, plus the free delivery to your doorstep saves you some gas money, and not to mention time.

All in all, I’m glad that it works as advertised. No vet bills for me to worry about, Bond doesn’t vomit as much as he used to, his coat has improved a bit more, no tedious clean-up for me to deal with, and finally no more wasting my money on useless hairball remedy products.

Bond is a lot happier now and so am I. Just remember, preventing hairball in cats with this food takes a little time. Be patient and give it a couple of weeks to a month to discover the difference. And if you want to get the pack at a really good price, inclusive of free delivery, just follow the link you see below.

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