The Best Cat Drinking Fountain

What kind of drinking fountain are you using for your cats? Stainless drinking fountain? Plastic perhaps? Do you know what material is ideal for cat drinking fountains?

best cat drinking fountain

Prior to discovering the best cat drinking fountain on the market, I didn’t care about the material and how it may affect my cat’s well-being. I figured that a drinking fountain is a drinking fountain, so who cares what the darn thing is made of. They’re all the same, right?

Well, apparently, I was wrong. Plastic can be dangerous to our beloved pets. Stainless steel ones are better; but my cats dislike drinking water from them. Those picky brats! So I went online to look for some options and voila! Found myself the best cat drinking fountain for the money. It does the job (my cats enjoy drinking water from it) without posing any health issues to my cats.

Here’s what I found.

This PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain for Pets is the best one, hands down.

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It’s made up of ceramic and I think it looks better overall compared to plastic and even stainless steel fountains. As I said earlier, plastic fountains can be dangerous to cats. Sure, they are generally cheaper and easier to source, but they may contain harmful chemicals.

Certain plastic drinking fountains, when electricity produces heat, it may cause the plastic material to emit chemicals such as lead which poses health risks to cats. So I’d strongly recommend that you check out ceramic fountains such as the PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain for Pets.

The ceramic material poses no health risks and it can clean your cat’s water through a circulation effect that increases the oxygen to a level that’s appealing to cats. This helps promote good blood circulation in our cats. The water is regularly filtered through the charcoal filter which can be replaced. The charcoal filter helps eliminate bad taste as well as bad odour, therefore making the water fresh.

The Ceramic Porcelain Avalon Fountain has the ability to filter and recirculate my cat’s water. This is a great feature because it keeps the water consistently fresh and clean, unlike ordinary water bowl.

I like the fact that the fountain has this easy on the eyes ceramic design. It fits my home perfectly. Plus, the fountain can supply 70 oz. of filtered water that’s really fresh. It comes with lower and upper dishes allowing two cats to drink at the same time. Its circular shaped design with the nifty twofold falling streams didn’t freak my cats out or anything like that so that’s also a big plus in my book.

Some cats refuse to drink adequate amount of water, thus they aren’t properly hydrated. Getting them to drink from a bowl can be rather difficult. This Drinkwell Fountain might just do the trick! Some users have reported their cats find the fountain very appealing and they seem to be drinking a lot more water than before.

This is a very good product all in all. For something that’s constructed of ceramic and packed with great features, I find the price pretty reasonable. The quality is excellent and it actually came in a large box. Sometimes when you open a box containing a ceramic product, you’d find that the stuff is already broken in several pieces. To prevent breakage, the packer had included crushed thick paper which securely holds the box in place. I opened box and was happy to discover it’s all neatly packed and secure. What a relief!

Setting up the fountain is very simple; well it’s pretty straightforward to me. But if you have problems putting it together, there is a how-to manual included which provides easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to put everything together. It even comes with a “take apart” guide so you’ll learn how to clean it too. The design is simple yet elegant, and it is so easy to clean.

I’ve had this fountain for a few months now, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call it the best cat drinking fountain. You can learn more about it; read other user reviews, and all that. Just head over to the link below and you’re sorted. Thanks for visiting my site and may God bless us and our feline friends.

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