Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Timer Reviews

I know many of you cat owners out there are looking for a reliable automatic cat food dispenser with timer, but sadly the search seems like a never-ending nightmare because a really decent quality model is hard to come by.

It’s such a shame that there are way too many atrociously made dispensers being peddled out there. I’m talking about units with poor overall construction, timer that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to resulting in your cat not being fed for hours, non-tamper resistant lid, and things like that.

Alright, enough with the bad stuff already. Now, I thought I should let you know that there are a couple of superbly made automated cat food dispensers that are well worth your hard-earned bucks. The first one is pretty costly but the quality is definitely out there, you know. The other one is cheaper, has fewer benefits/features obviously, but gets the job done well enough.

NOTE: Sorry my fellow cat owners. Apparently, the rather pricey dispenser is currently out of stock from the place I bought it off, so I’m not going to waste your time talking about it. If it becomes available again, I’ll be sure to update this post.

Fortunately, the cheaper model is still in stock so here’s a cool picture of it…

Crown Majestic (Diamond Series) Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Timer

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Wow, isn’t this one of the coolest looking auto cat feeding machines out there or what? I think the design is really neat and slick looking. What’s even slicker is that the unit comes with a water dispenser as well as an extended grain container.

You might think that the extra items would make the unit unnecessarily bulky thus harder to clean, but rest assured that is not the case at all. See, the grain container, water bottle, and the drinking bowl can easily be separated from the unit, allowing you to wash each item individually.

So how does this thing work?

Okay first thing you should know is that the unit can be operated in two different ways. One way is to slap in 4 AA batteries into the device. For your info, the batteries are not included. The second approach is via 6V AC adapter which is included in the box.

There you go! You have two ways of powering the device which is a great bonus. If the power is out, put in the batteries, set the timer and you’re good to go. So even when you’re not at home, you can rest easy knowing that your cats will be fed according to the schedule you’ve programmed.

Speaking of timer setting, a handful of users have reported that the timer is difficult to program. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s difficult. I think the word in order here should be “tricky”.

That’s right folks, the timer is just a little tricky to figure out initially, so what you should do is read the documentation properly and fiddle with the machine a bit, and you’ll be able to set it up in no time! Trust me, setting up the machine is very easy, you just have to get the hang of programming the darn timer.

 If you’re concerned about configuring the timer, then you might want to check out a couple of Crown Majestic automatic cat food dispenser with timer reviews displayed here

A couple of users did a great job of explaining how to set the timer in the proper manner. But really, it’s not that complicated to program. I managed to figure it out in less than 5 minutes after carefully following the included documentation.

Once you’ve figure out the timer, you’re pretty much good to go. See, from my experience so far, the timer works precisely as scheduled. Unlike another unit I bought a while ago that could never dispense food according to the programmed schedule. Sometimes it didn’t even dispense food at all!

Anyway, the Crown Majestic dispenser is decent enough in the capacity department. I believe it can hold about 4.5 lbs of kibbles, and the auto feeding feature enables you to program up to four feeding frequency per day.

Not too shabby considering many cat owners require only a couple of feedings each day. I know I only need two automatic feedings a day because my cats are on the heavy side.

The dispenser is solid and can’t easily be tipped over by your cat. It’s very stable and that’s a big plus as I have a couple hyperactive cats. As soon as the machine starts stirring to dispense the food, they come charging and messing about with it. So good thing it’s stable!

Overall, it’s very decent unit, and if had to knock this automated cat food dispenser for anything, that would be the detachable water bottle. It’s unfortunate that the cap size is not a standard one thus depriving me from replacing it with a larger bottle.

Okay, that’s it. If you need any more info, maybe you’d like to check out more user reviews, or you want to purchase it online, just follow the link displayed down here.

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