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A while back, a friend of mine was complaining about the massive number of dry auto feeders being sold on the market. You see, he was searching for a different sort of feeder, one that’s capable of dispensing wet food.

The guy went to a few pet stores and all he could find were models that work exclusively for cat kibbles. Needless to say, he was pretty upset about the whole thing. You know, dashing here and there, and still not finding what you’re looking for. We’ve all been in that kind of situation before. A real bummer, isn’t it?

Anyway, being the good friend that I’m, I simply told him about the automatic cat feeder wet food on display below. So he bought the thing, and about a couple weeks or so later, I met him again and he was happy as a clam!

Model C-20 Wet Food Cat Feeder


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If you’re currently searching high and low for a good quality automatic wet food cat feeder, and without much success, then now’s the time to call off your search. No joke. The unit you see up there is without a doubt, one of the most reliable and easiest to use wet food cat feeders on the market.

You know what’s really nice about this unit? It has the ability to dispense both wet and dry food. Better yet, the price of this unit is pretty darn cheap!

Still, I gotta admit this particular feeder is far from perfect. It’s got a few faults which I’ll point out in a bit. But before I get to the flaws, let me blab about the good stuff because people often love to hear the good news first.

Okay the first piece of good news is the unit works brilliantly, and even more brilliant is that the thing doesn’t require too many batteries to run. Some auto cat food dispensers on the market require several C or AA batteries to get them up and running, so that can get pretty expensive in the long run.

Believe it or not, the Model C-20 automatic wet food feeder only needs a SINGLE “AA” battery to get going! That’s right folks…This thing operates on the cheap. Sadly, a single AA battery is not included in the box and that kind of sucks, but not a deal breaker obviously.

Next piece of good news is the operational procedure which is super simple that even a cat could do it if only they had human-like hands and maybe a minimum IQ of 20. It’s literally a piece of cake to get running.

See, the feeder has a built-in fresh cold ice pack for to keep the canned wet food fresh (you can purchase extra/replacement ice packs), a couple of food dishes with plastic covers, and timer dial.

So all you really have to do is put the wet food in the dishes, close the covers, and set the timer…Voila! Now you can leave the house in peace knowing your wet food eating cat will be fed a couple of times a day without your presence.

 If your cat has been bothering you early in the morning for a meal, then pretty soon you won’t have to put up with that anymore. Just set the timer to open one of the covers early in the morning. Soon enough your cat will begin associating the feeder with his or her morning meals, thus allowing you to enjoy your morning sleep. Sweet!

Remember, the unit has only two dishes with covers, meaning it can only supply two servings of meals per day. Both dishes and covers can be set to open individually, and at different intervals throughout the day.

The timer is very easy to setup. Nothing complex as you’re only required to determine the amount of hours until each cover is open, then you just turn each dial timer accordingly, and that’s it. So far the two-meal schedule of this automatic cat feeder wet food has been precise. Cleaning the dishes is super easy.

So these are the good stuff basically… handy built-in ice pack, extremely user-friendly, accurate timer, easy to clean, cheap to run, heck, the unit itself is relatively inexpensive. It’s generally reliable.

But…As mentioned earlier, it has a few faults…


The Not So Good Things about the Model C-20 Automatic Wet Food Cat Feeder...

First problem….the battery compartment has no cover! This means you have to secure the AA battery with a piece of duct tape, otherwise it’ll come off the compartment.

 Second problem…This automatic food dispenser unit has no indicator for battery life. Really sucks if you’re out of the house for a while and the single AA battery goes dead! A hungry cat will start messing around with the unit, which brings me to the third problem…The feeder’s construction.

I think the feeder’s build is pretty good as it’s made from very strong plastic materials. However, the unit’s weight is pretty light (approximately 2 lbs). I’m sure average-sized cats probably won’t be able to tamper with it. Well at least my cats couldn’t do it.

But I suspect the really big ones would be able to push this thing around with ease. Pushing and messing about with it until it turns upside down, and then the covers might get opened. So if you have a very large cat and he or she is pretty aggressive when it comes to food, then here’s one solution that might help…

The solution is to keep the feeder secure on a flat surface. Maybe wedge it between something heavy so it can’t be easily moved around. I know someone who does this by placing the feeder against the wall and sandwiched between a couple of unused heavy dumbbell plates. His persistent 15 lbs cat couldn’t move the thing at all.

Truth is none of these flaws are serious deal-breakers, but thought I let you know anyhow. So if you need further info on this auto wet food cat feeder, maybe you want to buy it together with an extra ice pack, view more user feedback, etc, just use the link right down here.

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