Resist Pesky Ants with the Highly Effective Ant Proof Cat Bowl   

Have you ever had a river of ants inside your home because of your pet bowls? Most feeding bowls are designed to hold your pet’s food and water, but aren’t intended to keep these pests away from the lure of leftover food. Even the smallest of crumbs can attract an army of ants! When they get into your home, it brings you irritation and discomfort.

ant cat proof bowl

They bite, they destroy things by chewing on it, and they spoil food items. No one loves having ants around the house. If you live in areas where there are fire ants, it can be quite dangerous. Besides, your pets won’t eat if the ants find their way to the food first.

And if they won’t eat and get sick, then of course you’re going to feel sad and it would cost money to cover the vet bills. Such are the ramifications of having a single morsel of food left on the floor or the access to victuals in your pet feeder. You need to keep the ants away!

You may have tried putting your pet’s food bowl on top of a dish of water to create a moat and deter ants. Some use a combination of soap and water. In most instances, your pet somehow finds a way to topple the water bowl over, creating a mess and giving ants the right of entry to the food.

It is quite a challenging task to keep your cat’s water and food bowls free from ants. Well, the ant proof cat bowl you see below is the answer to this predicament.


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They are designed to fool the bugs. The creative pattern tricks the ant into ‘not’ climbing into the bowls of food. If they can’t track food, they won’t go inside the dish or even near it.

Ants follow the scout or leader and when you trick one, you trick them all.In addition, it is crafted in such a way that your dog or cat cannot tip it over, keeping the food inside the bowl. When the food stays inside and the ants stay, it means pest-free and healthier eating for your pet.

The ant proof cat bowl is a waterless system that can hold 2.5 quarts of pet food and drink. There is absolutely no need for you to create moats outside the bowl. No soap needed as well. Made of durable, high quality and non-toxic resin, these pet bowls are maintenance-free, easy to clean, hard-wearing and UV resistant.

If it will be your first time to utilize the ant proof feeder, you should first clean and disinfect the feeding area to remove previous ant trails and ensure that there are no more crumbs left on the floor. Morsels of food or ant scents can entice them to return. Even if you are using this ant cat proof bowl, always remember to clean up after feeding.

ants doing their business

You do not want the ants to come back looking for food. Soap or other cleaning detergents will effectively remove ant trails but you need to rinse it well with fresh water so it will not be risky to your pet’s health.

You will surely experience a lot of benefits once you switch to these specially designed pet bowls. As ants won’t get into your pet’s food anymore, your pet will now enjoy his meal and there would be lesser occasions of you throwing out ant-tainted food.

Pet food can be expensive and you will save money if your pet actually eats his food and you don’t throw it away. It is definitely worth the investment because you not only get to save financially, you also save yourself from a lot of stress. To purchase this handy ant cat proof bowl, just head over to the following link.

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