3 Bowl Cat Feeder for an Innovative Feline Dining Experience

When you have a cat in the house, feeding can be quite messy. You need to protect your floor from spills and keep clutter to a minimum. The cat feeder is the perfect solution for dispensing moist or dry food and water for your pet. You can use the traditional feeder bowls or the automatic feeders.

Unlike automatic feeders, a regular bowl feeder does not require any assembly. Get them from the store and after washing, it will be ready for use. You can also personally control the amount of food you place in the bowls if your cat is following a special diet.

Compared to simple bowls that are placed on the floor, feeders come at an elevated height so your furball doesn’t have to bend over too much. It is good for their health. Plus, with three bowls, you can even feed two cats at the same time!

Do you want a classy feeder for your loved felines, one that will look appropriately appealing in your kitchen?

You can check out the amazing 3 bowl cat feeder from Orbit Innovative which is beautifully styled in an assortment of attractive colors and fancy yet subtle prints that can suit any home décor.


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It sure won’t be a sight for sore eyes! These 3-pound bowls have a dimension of 21.8 x 10 x 4 inches and come with non-absorbent surfaces. A sturdy plastic base is what you need to keep the bowls upright for your pet. Enjoy less scattered food, less spills and less clutter every feeding time.

You and your cat’s preference should be considered when it comes to cat feeding. There is no best option when it comes to scheduling. It should be beneficial for both you and your cat. You can prefer “set mealtimes” over “grazing”, and the bowl feeder will work for you. Canned foods are the more sensible choice for set mealtimes.

Some cats tend to overeat, so make sure that you put the correct portions of food for your pet. Vets and nutritionists suggest a routine two meals per day for cats because this allows her to fully digest what she has taken in. Alternatively, grazing will be a more flexible cat feeding schedule. You can train your cat to go to her feeder whenever she’s hungry by leaving a good amount of food all day.

Normally, cats who are grazers do not eat a lot in one sitting. Do not leave moist food in their bowls as it may become stale. Dry cat food will work best for cats who like to eat throughout the day. But remember to give fresh dry food and put in fresh water.

Do not add more to what has been left over. If you are going to be away from home for a period of time, you can put the right portions of food and water in the feeder and you can rest assured that your cat will not go hungry or thirsty.

Clean your bowls regularly. Even though you are giving dry food, wash the feeder with soap and hot water or dump it in the dishwasher. Cleanliness will prevent pests from ruining your cat’s food. This 3 bowl cat feeder which you can purchase off Amazon is also easy to clean as it is resistant to water, odor and stain.

It is BPA free, totally safe for your pets, and is highly durable and not prone to rotting. Who knew that even felines can dine in style? Your pet deserves the best, so go get Orbit Innovative’s 3 bowl cat feeder and let your lovable furball enjoy feeding time even as you enjoy lesser cleaning up time.

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