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Hey there! Welcome to the automatic cat feeder reviews website where I’m gonna show you a few kinds of auto feeding machines that not only offer the best bang for your buck, but would also make your feline friends purr with delight.

Heck I figure you’re gonna be delighted as well once you get one of these machines up and running. Why? Well because they work like a charm and will keep you from going mental!

From my experience, hungry cats can easily threaten our sanity what with their constant meowing and nudging around, so a highly functional automatic feeding unit is the ideal solution for keeping our mental health in check.

You know what, I’ve spent a fair amount of dough on useless, trash can worthy automatic cat feeders, so I want to help you avoid them. The junk auto feeders were extremely frustrating to use. They had timers that were ridiculously inaccurate, poor construction which allowed my cats to easily pull out the feeder trays and steal the food contents, bases that wobble an awful lot, durability issues, etc.

Now, the automatic feeders for cats displayed below are top-quality stuff and have obtained mostly positive feedback from plenty of users. They are absolutely awesome basically, so I think you should definitely check them out.

The Best Automatic Cat Feeder with Timer (Model CSF-3XL)

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This is a really brilliant timed cat feeder unit. Unlike many other inferior auto feeders out there, this unit offers a highly customizable feeding amount function. Configuring the feeding volume takes a bit of time, but once done, you can simply forget about it.

Just plug the device into an electrical outlet and presto… The machine will do the feeding and all with almost no interference from you. Well, you still need to clean the machine once in a while and like every few weeks, you have to refill the feeder with dry cat food.

Looking at the picture above, you might think that cat feeder is somewhat complicated to assemble. Heck, when I bought it a couple years back (March 2010), the first thing I did as soon as I unpacked the unit was read the included instruction manual.

Problem was I couldn’t understand the manual. At first, I thought I would need an engineering degree just to figure out how to put the parts together! However, after carefully studying the manual and viewing a video tutorial online, I managed to put the components together in less than an hour. I think it took me about 40 minutes.

By the way, the manual provides a link to access the online video tutorial on how to assemble the CSF-3XL automatic cat feeder with timer. Yeah, the instruction manual is a little sucky, could be better so if you have a problem following it, I suggest you check out the video instructions. The video will help you assemble the unit in record time.

Overall, this machine is pretty easy to assemble. The unit’s analogue timer works great. It’s very precise and easy to operate. You can adjust the timer which enables the unit to put out the food according to your desired schedule. It even lets you know the amount of food dispensed.

You can easily manage the amount of food supplied to your cat by configuring the food opening size and how long you want it to remain open. You can play around with kibble sizes too. I’m pretty sure all types of dry cat food can be fitted into this feeder.

You need to play around with the unit’s motor so that it puts out the amount of food that you deem is suitable for your cat. You don’t want it to put out way too much food and fattening your cat in the process. That requires a bit of trial-and-error for sure but no worries, it won’t take long.

If I remember correctly, I spent about 20 minutes messing with the motor duration as I want the food dosage to come out as precisely as possible. Once I got the desired setting, I didn’t have to play around with it anymore.

It’s such a joy to have this device up and running as it allows me to fully enjoy my sleep. I hate it when my cats started climbing on top of me and pestering me to feed them. Getting decent quality cat feeders on timers such as the CSF-3XL is crucial for my sanity.

Now, my cats will always rush off to the thing as soon as they hear it dispensing the food. No more bugging me incessantly to feed them. And don’t you worry about cheating cats hacking into the feeder. Believe me, one of my cats, Ozil, is an expert at hacking into feeder machines. I’m talking about the cheap, low quality ones that I purchased in the past.

It’s been a couple of years and he still couldn’t figure out how to break into the CSF-3XL automatic cat feeder. This baby is solid I tell ya. The device is made of some extremely durable plastic parts as well as solid metal. So far, I haven’t encountered any durability issues with the CSF-3XL.

The thing cannot be toppled easily as it weighs about 10 pounds or so. There are several mounting options available in any case. Also take note that damaged parts can easily be replaced individually. So if any one of the components isn’t working anymore, you can purchase a replacement without having to buy a new unit. Cool huh?

The CSF-3XL is a bit expensive but well worth the dough because it functions extremely well and the solid construction means the device is sure to last a very long time. I bought mine a couple years ago and it’s still running smoothly. Just remember to clean it every now and again for max performance. I clean it twice a year.

Anyway, if you need further info on the device or perhaps you wish to check out other users’ feedback, just use the link displayed below.

Click Here for CSF-3XL Automatic Feeder for Cats


Cat Mate Model C3000 Automatic Dry Food Feeder for Cats

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The CSF-3XL model by Super-Feed is absolutely top quality but a little on the pricey side, so for the budget-conscious folks, I’d recommend the above Cat Mate C3000 model. It has a much cheaper price tag so naturally; the C3000 doesn’t offer as many features and functions as CSF-3XL. Still, the C3000 automatic cat feeder is pretty darn decent in its own right.

It offers a programmable advance feeding time function. Basically, this function gives you the ability to configure the feeder so that it supplies meals to your cat in advance of their actual set periods. I admit it’s not a regularly used feature but might be handy in certain situations.

The programming process can be pretty awkward initially as you’re required to press and hold certain buttons on the device in order set the schedule of feed. Yep, it’s a little tedious at first but once you’ve completed the process, there’s nothing else for you to do. You do it once, and then you can forget about it.

A little reminder though…If you take out the batteries, then you’re gonna have to reprogram the thing. And that’s one of the downsides of C3000 timed cat feeder machine. It doesn’t give you the option to plug it into an electrical outlet; instead you have to use batteries exclusively in order to get the device running.

To operate the device, you’ll need 4 C size batteries! A 4-count Duracell size C batteries cost about 8 to 10 bucks.

And here’s another glaring flaw…

The auto feeder’s chute is slightly wider than it should be. Therefore some cats, especially the really hungry ones can easily insert their paws into the chute and pull out the kibbles! Not all cats can figure this out but some might be able to I guess.

See, my folks have this particular unit set up at their place and their cats have never been able to figure out how to pull the kibbles out via the chute opening. However, one time my sister brought her overweight tabby Rizo to our folks place and that fat greedy cat managed to get the food out of the opening!

All told, I’d say that this model is solid. As mentioned, programming it is a little on the tedious side but once you get that out of the way, it’s pretty much smooth sailing. The auto feed works and it works damn fine. The timing is precise basically.

Decent construction and comes with a 6.5 pound capacity food hopper. Another positive point is that depending on the configured portion amount, that much capacity might last for about 10 days give or take. By the way, you can configure up to 3 individual sized meals over a day.

The biggest disappointment of all is of course the need for batteries! The option of plugging it in via an AC adapter would’ve been much preferable. Well, I’m gonna put a link down here so you can obtain more info on this auto cat feeder machine.

Click Here for C3000 Automatic Timed Cat Feeder


 More 4 Stars Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews

Here are a couple more highly rated automatic feeders that would please your feline pals! Please note that I don’t have any personal experience with the units shown below so I can’t really say much about them.

Figured I should just feature them here to give you some more great choices. These feeders have received a decent number of positive reviews from various users. An overall rating of 4 stars basically. So do check them out as well and if you have the time, please try to read all the reviews posted on the product page.

CSF-3 Cat Feeder on Timer


Apparently this particular model is manufactured by Super-Feed, the very same company that came up with the excellent CSF-3XL automatic cat feeding machine with analogue timer. The CSF-3XL offers completely customizable feeding amounts and I believe the CSF-3 also has this wonderful feature.

The CSF-3 comes with a factory installed chute cover which is perfect for putting off cheating cats that are proficient in robbing the feeder by reaching their paw into the chute opening to pull out the food.

Click Here for Super-Feed’s Model CSF-3


Crown Majestic Auto Pet Feeder


And here’s another quite decent feeder with relatively inexpensive price tag. It can auto dispense kibbles in varying portions and comes with removable drinking bowl, extended grain container, and water bottle.

The pleasing thing about the Crown Majestic Feeder is that it can be powered via AC power adapter which is included in the box, or you can use 4 size AA batteries. Batteries aren’t included by the way. Follow the link at the bottom for more info this model plus several reviews.

Click Here for Crown Majestic Automatic Cat Feeding Machine

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